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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Yo, Pank Jit Sin

Finally see you in Taipei.
We went for lunch at Ximending, Japanese pork chop. Nice!

Red House for visit.
Then your favourite trip to see all the aquarium fish... Haha...

You found a good tour guide to bring you to all the worth-going aquanrium shops, and i was meeting my friend Roger.

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This is life... Haha...

Found these are interesting and inspiring, share with you:

Fate is just like being raped, if you cannot resist it then you better learn how to enjoy it;
Work is just like gang rape, if you cannot do it, other people will take your turn;
Life is just like masturbation, if you want to enjoy then you would have to work hard;
Learning is just like looking for prostitute, it not only cost you some money, but it also need your effort;
Salary is just like menstrual period, it is worrying if it doesn't come on time;
Brothers are like condom, no matter how big the hole is, they will cover for you...




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Lunch time cooking session

We were having cooking session for Aidilfitri...
No lah.., actually just wanna play masak-masak, coincidently today is the first day of Hari Raya. Seok Kooi and i were the chef for everyone. We went to the morning market to buy all the ingredients and cooked in my new apartments. This is the first time i use the kitchen after staying here for 2 months plus.

These were our dishes.
Nice leh...

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Malaysia Day

In 16th September 1963, Malaysia is formed from Malaya, Singapore, British North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak in which Singapore left the federation in 1965.

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Yingge Ceramics Museum

Yingge Ceramics Museum, a nice place to visit during the weekend. I went for half-day tour with Aaron and friends. We travelled by train to Yingge Railway Station and walk to the museum.
鶯歌陶瓷博物館, 一個蠻不錯的地方, 假日閒閒沒事可以來參觀. 今天跟小天還有一些朋友去了鶯歌半日遊. 我們早上從臺北坐火車到鶯歌車站, 然後步行到博物館.

After that, we went to the old street for lunch. It was very hot out there.
However, the noodle-in-a-pot was nice.
接著, 我們到鶯歌老街去吃午餐. 外面真得很熱. 不過老街陶館內的甕仔麵味道真得不錯.

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Bernhard birthday party

Today's is Bernhard's birthday, we were having a birthday party at the TIGP dormitory. Everyone brought something for the party, so we have some local dishes and of course their favourites, liquors. Huh, we have multinational-produced wines.

It was an international party, most of the new international students were joining the feast.

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Hsinchu & Nanliau 1-day trip 新竹南寮一日遊

It has been 3 months i didn't see Jimmy, so today i made a spontaneous decision by going to Hsinchu to meet him. I didn't realise that Taipei Bus Station has moved to a new location, so it took me a while by going there.
已經有三個月沒有見到東豪了, 所以今天就即興說要到新竹去找他玩. 啊, 忘了台北轉運站已經換地點了, 所以還花了一些時間去那邊坐車.

He brought me for late lunch at this shop.
Hmmm.., noodle in a small pot, special and delicious.
(i found the food in Hsinchu is far more better and delicious than Taipei, or perhaps i haven't explored thoroughly in Taipei...)
到新竹已經是下午了, 所以他帶我去這間店吃午餐.
甕仔麵, 蠻特別的, 也很好吃.
(感覺上新竹的東西比台北好吃很多, 還是在台北我還沒找到好吃的...)

After that, we went to RT-Mart for shopping. It is weird to do shopping there (i can do that in Taipei...). Anyway, i bought some books, a bowl with cover and some T-shirts. I made a hair cut there for NT100. Before leaving, each of us bought a bucket of ice-cream. Ha, now on the way to Nanliau.
過後, 我們到大潤發去購物. 來新竹採購好像很奇怪, 因為東西也可以在台北買啊. 我買了幾本書, 一個含蓋的磁碗, 還有兩件T恤, 也在那邊順便去把頭髮剪短. 臨走前, 我們各自買了一桶阿奇濃冰淇淋. 哈, 我們現在要去南寮啦...

Oh my god, the scenery there is so beautiful. So relaxing although there were many people there. We chose a place to sit down to eat the ice-cream. It was so tranquilising feeling the breeze while eating the ice-cream.
天啊, 怎麼那裡的風景那麼美! 感覺上就很舒服, 雖然那邊人山人海... 我們找了一個地方坐下來吃冰淇淋. 在涼風習習下吃著冰淇淋, 真讓人心曠神怡.

Shit, i just uptake the calorie of almost a set meal of fast food by finishing the whole bucket of ice-cream!
慘了, 我吃完一整桶才發現已經攝取很多的卡路里, 差不多等於一份套餐了.

People were busy taking pictures.

The kites looked like sperms swimming towards the ovum (sun), haha...
風箏與太陽, 看起來好像精子游向卵子, 呵呵...

Moist and rot-resistance fiber wood looked like a real wood...
耐濕氣腐蝕的纖維木, 如假包換!

Chiang came to meet us there with his cousin sister. We then went up to the signalling tower for sight seeing at the tourist information centre.
阿強後來跟他表姊來跟我們會合, 我們到遊客中心的瞭望臺上面看風景.

After that, four of us went for dinner here. "3-cup mushroom" set meal.
過後我們來這邊吃晚餐. 三杯鮮菇套餐.

We then called it a day. After having a short walk at the secret garden, Jimmy then sent me to the bus terminal going back to Taipei. Thank you so much!
歡樂時光過的特別快, 又是時候講掰掰... 去了秘密花園散步後, 幾米便載我去車站坐車回臺北. 謝謝你喔!

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