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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

A night with Pchy 與皮相聚的一夜

One of the actors of Love of Siam came to Taiwan for promotion. He is Witwisit Hiranyawongkul, another actor Mario Maurer didn't come.
He had a small session with his fans at Ximending Red Building. I am happy to be there to meet him, he gave me the same impression as i watched the movie last time. So decent and cute. I met some old friends and also get to know some new friends over there.
電影<暹邏之戀>的男主角之一, 藉著電影在台灣上映之際來到台北宣傳. 他是維特維斯特·海倫亞沃恩酷, 另一位男主角馬里奧·毛瑞爾沒來. 他與影迷們在西門町紅樓有一個小聚會. 很開心能夠在那邊看到他本人, 他的本人給我的感覺跟在看電影裡沒有兩樣... 清純可愛.
在那邊也認識一些新朋友, 也遇到一些舊朋友...

He is so cute... 他很可愛喔... ^^

We took the photo together... 我們合照啦...

Ian is one of the fans out there too...

They said our smile looked alike... Orz
他們說我笑起來的樣子跟他很像... 囧 應該是他像我, 我年紀比他大... >.<

Really??!! 有很像嗎??!!

Norman, Mario, Witwisit, Bryan 跟男主角合照

Official website
It is a nice movie, i watched it for three times and got touched every time. It is a love story encompasses family relationship, friendship, and lovers. The soundtracks are nice too!
這是一部很值得看的電影, 我看了三次, 每次都很感動. 他是一部關於親情, 友情及愛情之愛的電影. 電影配樂也很好聽!

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Pathway to new Malaysia

Pathway to new Malaysia - 16th September 2008

"We do not want to force it. We do not want to go to (the capital) Putrajaya and drag them down. Therefore, we want to negotiate with the prime minister and ask him, 'Do you want one week, do you want two weeks?'" Anwar said.

"It doesn't matter whether it happens tomorrow, the next day or whenever. People want it to happen. The 9/16 movement will begin seriously tomorrow," said Lim Kit Siang of the Democratic Action Party.

Kamaruddin Jafar, a leader of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, or PAS, said "tomorrow we will begin a clear movement toward a change of government."

We want a peaceful handover process.

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Hello... 喂...

what am i doing recently...?
what happened to me actually...?
what is in my mind actually...?
why can't i prioritise my work...?
it was so speechless and unknown...
only myself can help on this, do something..!!!

自己看著辦吧, 要自救..!!!

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Typhoon of the country 颱風變天

Have been trapped in the room along the weekend, due to the Sinlaka typhoon...
When will you leaving the island?? so powerful and yet not moving...
This makes me thinking that Malaysia is still the best place to stay, consider the heaven on earth. There have no typhoon, tornado, earthquake, tsunami or even volcano's. However, the political condition in the country is so disappointing...
整個周末一直被困在宿舍裡, 都是那個最牛的辛樂克颱風. 你什麼時候才要離開阿... 威力那麼強, 卻停留不走... 這讓我想到馬來西亞是地球上最好的地方, 算是人間天堂. 那裡沒有颱風, 龍捲風, 地震, 海嘯和火山. 遺憾的是, 政治環境還是那麼令人失望...

The government is using the Internal Security Act (ISA) to detain those innocent people, blaming them to be the racist people causing racial disharmony among the people... It is so unbelievable... ISA is only the tool left for the current administration party to stop those innocent people including bloggers, reporters, or even musicians from revealing the truth of administration style of the current party. Actually there are open secret, the government is acting like an ostrich. People now are not believing their propaganda or sloganised tactics anymore!
Claiming that is to protect the dignity of the people and religion, you are actually destroying instead. If not because of the unity among the races, how could we got independence from British colonisation 51 years ago? Never learn the national history... darn...
現在的國陣政府都利用內部安全法令(ISA)來把人抓去關, 就說他們會危害國家的安全, 會引起或煽動種族之間的衝突. 真是讓人笑話了... 如今內安令是現今政府僅有的工具, 來控制愛國的人民, 這也包括手無寸鐵的博客, 報導事實的新聞記者還有愛國的音樂家, 禁止他們把政府腐敗無能的真想透露給大家知道, 其實那些卻是公開的秘密, 政府簡直是鴕鳥心態, 掩耳盜鈴! 現在已經沒有人再相信你們那一套了, 說什麼要捍衛民族尊嚴等屁話, 你們才是真正破壞民族和諧的罪魁禍首. 如果不是民族的團結, 英國人會讓我們獨立嗎? 國家的歷史你們都忘光光了是嗎? 真是TMD...

Sending those 49 MPs to Taiwan for studying the agricultural technology with handsome sum of subsidies, what are they doing here?? It is indeed a shame for the whole country, as you can see how the media in Taiwan reported them, and we Malaysian in Taiwan are feeling shameful for all these. Darn again...
把那49位國會議員送到台灣來, 說什麼考察之旅, 還有豐厚的津貼咧... 送他們來這裡幹嘛?? 真是一大國恥, 你可以看看這裡台灣的媒體怎樣報導他們, 身在台灣的馬來西亞人都覺得很羞恥. 又TMD...

Now the most important thing is, Sinlaku please leave the island. I don't want to be holiday on Monday, my work is not progressing...
And not to forget, God bless Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), Teresa Kok and others ISA detainees, hope all of them be released safely in whole piece.
目前最重要的是, 懇請辛樂克颱風大大快點離開啦. 不想明天有休颱風假, 我的實驗要有進度啦...
還有, 願上帝保佑拉惹柏特拉(RPK), 郭淑沁還有其他不幸被內安令關起來的英雄們, 早日平安釋放回家!

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獅子咬人, 蠍子刺人 ♡

獅子咬人, 蠍子刺人 ♡
Lion bites and scorpion stings.

Acupunture is much more effective than massaging.
My hand felt better after the treatment, thank you Mr. Kao...
針灸看來比按摩有效, 感覺真的有比較好, 謝謝你高先生...

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Wanli Old Folks Home 萬里仁愛之家

Last Saturday, we went to Wanli for volunteer service.
I've been there last year for the same purpose. The scenery there is beautiful and suitable for peaceful living, however, i think the old folks there are lonely all the while.
上個星期六, 我們到萬里仁愛之家做老人服務. 去年已經去過一次了. 那裡的風景依舊怡人, 很適合養老, 可是我覺得那邊的伯伯們都很寂寞吧...

While waiting, let us take some pictures.
在等待的同時, 我們來拍幾張照片吧.

We helped them to cut their finger nails, massaged their feet and talked to them. They were very happy and shared their tips of living with us. One man i serviced is very healthy compared to the others, he is 93 years old now, and he still can listen, reading the newspaper, and taking care of himself very well. See you next time ya... What a meaningful day! There were children forming a choir singing some old songs for them, we were the temporary chorus team.
幫伯伯們泡腳洗腳剪指甲按摩,還跟他們聊天. 他們都很健談,還跟我們分享養生之道. 其中一個服務的薄薄身體很健康, 今年93歲, 聽力很好, 可以看報紙和照顧自己的起居飲食. 下次再來看你喔...
很有意義的一天!有小朋友組成合唱團唱歌給伯伯們聽, 我們則成為他們的和聲團.

After lunch and afternoon sharing session, we took pictures at the balcony with the beautiful seaside scenery as background.
午餐還有經驗分享過後, 我們在陽台拍照, 後面的海景很漂亮吧...

Cool breeze, nice scenery, looking at the Green Gay and Waimushan, relaxing, sending SMS...

After that, we went to Aaron's house to watch movie.
Eternal Summer
They sent me back to lab to do some culture, and then we went to town to sing.
寶哥載我回實驗室弄一弄東西, 然後一起去台北唱歌.

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