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Taitung Trip Day 2 台東之旅-2

21st May 2010
Day 2: Chulu Ranch, Bunun Village, Longtian 初鹿牧場,布農部落,龍田

We woke up early in the morning and had the breakfast in the hotel. We checked out from the hotel after breakfast and heading to next destination. Since the journey is quite long, we stopped by along the way for rest and have some refreshments.

This is the park we dropped by at Taitung City. Quite interesting.

Next, we headed to the Taitung Central Market 台東中央市場 to see a legendary lady, Madam Chen Shu-chu 陳樹菊. She is a vegetable vendor who gives generously with her income. She was selected as one of the Time 100 for year 2010 in the Heroes category. We just admire her from the corner and took the picture. She is such a respectable person with simple live.

We then continue our journey heading to Bunun Village 布農部落 to drop our luguage. We had simple lunch along the way.

This is the entrance of the "green tunnel" 綠色隧道 in which trees were planted on both the road sides providing shades along the way. You can feel the cool breeze along the way with some sunlight.

We stopped by at the suspension bridge 鹿鳴橋 to took some pictures.

Finally, we arrived at Bunun Village 布農部落 of Yanping Village 延平鄉. It is a leisure farm managed by the tribes of Bunun to improve their living and promote their indigenous cultures.

After leaving our luggages, we continue our journey to Chulu Ranch 初鹿牧場.

Hey, we finally arrived at Chulu Ranch 初鹿牧場!

There were lots of dairy products for sale. I bought an ice-cream.

There was a large grass field for the cows. When i was wondering where are the cows, then i realised that the grass field was mainly served for harvesting to feed the cows in the ranch. It might be impossible to manage or restrict the cows grazing area in such a wide field.

We then went to the ranch to feed the cow. The is the second time i visited the dairy farm in Taiwan, though similar in general, but the managing scale was different.

The souvenir shop.

This was the demonstration of how the cow's milk is squeezed. After restraining the cow in a cage, the nipples were washed and sanitised with iodine. The vacuum pump is applied covering the nipple and the milk was sucked out by the pressure applied.

The big lawn... Woo hoo...

The homemade ice-cream and bun.

We left the ranch and heading to Longtian 龍田, a small village near to Bunun Village. We went for a complimentary hot spring in the night.

That's all for the day 2 itinerary.

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