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Taitung Trip Day 1 台東之旅-1

Today is 20th May 2011 and i would like to write about the interesting trip travelling to the east of Taiwan a year ago in the next 4 days. The trip to Taitung was planned weeks ago because according to a reliable source, empress was going to leave her palace for few days, hence it is a good opportunity to do so. Ops...

20th May 2010
Day1: Taitung City, East Coast Line, Jhihben 台東,海岸線,知本

We departed early in the morning travelling by train from Taipei to Taitung. The journey last for 5.5 hours and cost for around NT700 per trip. The picture below shows how i looked like a year ago and today.

When we arrived at Taitung Railway Station, we rent a scooter from a shop nearby. Remember to compare the price and get the best deal. We did it.
We traveled to Jhihben 知本 first as we are going to stay there for the first night. Jhihben is a famous hotspring area in Taitung.

After leaving our luggages in the room, we traveled back to Taitung City for lunch.

The sweet potato of this shop is very famous. Crispy and delicious. The combination of honey-coated and baked potato slices is just nice and irresistible. Go and get one if you are happened to be there next time.

Another delicious food is the rice noodle 米苔目. This stall is located within the alleys of the city and used to sell under a banyan tree, hence it is called 榕樹下米苔目. Only NT40 per bowl. Recommended.

We even tried the onion oil pancake 蔥油餅 located on the sea coast. It is normal but considered stuffy.

We then traveled along the coast line for some tourist spots.

Here is our first destination, Water Running Up 水往上流. What is so special for this place? You can see the water is actually flowing ascending the hill albeit the gravity directs the other way round. You can follow the water flow while ascending. There were few explanations for this phenomenon, but it remained elusive to me.

Here is Dulan 都蘭. There is an old and abandoned sugar factory by the main road. Currently, the area is developed and converted to become a recreation area with art display and shops to sell goods and food.

The next stop would be the Dulan Forestry Moonlight Inn 都蘭林場-月光小棧.

This was the first time i come so near to a paddy field.

Here is the Moonlight Inn 月光小棧. It served as the shooting scene for an old local movie "The Moon Also Rise (月光下我記得)", and it is converted to a tourist spot with commercial activity.

We then traveled back to the coast line heading to the next destination.

We decided the furthest we would go is Jinzun 金樽, Sansiantai 三仙台 was too far away, almost near to Hualien 花蓮, and the sky was going to dark soon. The view of Pacific Ocean was magnificent. I really enjoy looking at the sea and horizon.

Since the sun is going to set, we traveled along the coast line back to Taitung City.

We stopped by the shop along the side alley heading to Moonlight Inn for the famous fried rice. Not bad, perhaps we were too hungry. Haha...

We arrived at the hotel at Jhihben 知本 after the long journey. Singing and chit-chatting along the way will definitely kill the bore. We had our complimentary dinner provided by the hotel around 8 o'clock. We had a walk after the big meal along the street outside the hotel. We went for the complimentary hot spring facility as well and met some tourists from Malaysia.

That's our itinerary for the first day in Taitung.

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At 1:12 AM, Blogger Xiao Cha Bo said...

taitung and taichung is the same place??
i always here ppl mentioned taichung.. south taipei

At 10:46 AM, Blogger teopag said...

Taipei, 台北 is north
Taichung 台中 is central
Tainan 台南 is south
But the most southern part is Kenting 墾丁 and the most northern part is Shimen 石門


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