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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Fly 飛 Mimpi

Daniel Lee Chee Hun 李吉汉

李吉汉 -飞 (Fly)
曲:Pot Amir
我知道 世界忽然已改变 (I know the world has changed suddenly)
我知道 泪水以后是荣耀 (I know there’s glory behind the tears)
流过泪 无所谓 (Having shed tears, It doesn’t matter)
有遗憾 也是美 (Having regret is also a kind of beauty)
算吧 遗憾 无所谓 (Let it be, Regret, nevermind)
我的梦 呜~ 没有结尾 (My dream hmm… Never ends)

勇敢往前飞 梦不枯萎 (Fly ahead bravely, Dream never dies)
梦的巨人 无形的包围 (The giant of dream is surrounding me invisibly)
不管多累 我要全力追 (No matter how tired, I’ll try my best going after my dream)
勇敢往前飞 偶尔苦偶尔也累 (Fly ahead bravely, Sometimes it’s bitter sometimes it’s tiring)
梦的巨人 无形的渴望 (The giant of dream, The desire)
给我梦想 给我了力量 飞翔 (It gives me dream, Gives me strength to fly)

流过泪 无所谓 (Having shed tears, It doesn’t matter)
有遗憾 也是美 (Having regret is also a kind of beauty)
算吧 遗憾 无所谓 (Let it be, Regret, nevermind)
我的梦 呜~ 没有结尾 (My dream hmm… Never ends)

勇敢往前飞 勇敢的追 (Fly ahead bravely, Pursue bravely)
梦的巨人 无形的包围 (The giant of dream is surrounding me invisibly)
给我力量给了我希望 (It gives me strength, It gives me hope)
勇敢往前飞 偶尔苦偶尔也累 (Fly ahead bravely, Sometimes it’s bitter sometimes it’s tiring)
梦的巨人 无形的渴望 (The giant of dream, The desire)
力量带领我到这地方 (The strength brings me to this place)
梦的天堂 (The heaven of dreams)

给我力量 给了我希望 飞翔 (Giving me strength, Giving me hope to fly)

Here is the Malay version:

Daniel Lee - Mimpi (Malaysian Idol single)
Composed and written: Pot Amir

Inginku lukiskan nota-nota
Laguku mengikut rentak gitar
Dengarkan suara mimpiku bertemakan
Namamu senantiasa selalu selalu

Sedalam tinggi, seluas jauh
Begitulah cita-citaku
Sekiranya kau ingin tahu
Selama ini, hingga ke akhirnya
Suka duka senyum selalu
Kita bersama punya satu

Dengarkan suara mimpiku bertemakan
Namamu selalu namamu selalu

Sedalam tinggi, seluas jauh
Begitulah cita-citaku
Sekiranya kau ingin tahu
Selama ini, hingga ke akhirnya
Suka duka senyum selalu
Kita bersama punya satu

Kita bersama punya satu mimpi

Hope this will inspired all of us. Life isn't complete without dreams, it is indeed motivating instead of fantasising around. Dreaming without action is useless, work for your dream so that it will become a reality. Do our best and we will never regret after all.


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23th April 2007

Time flies and this is the mid of my second semester here. I just finished my mid term exam and my seminar will be in the mid of May. We were asked to provide our opinion and view during our stay in Taiwan. It might be included in the student get-together agenda to improve the programme which will be held in May or June. They are really nice. This is what i wrote for Jessica and Linda:

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you very much for the effort in improving the programme. It is a great pleasure giving me the opportunity to provide some of my opinions here.

To survive in Taiwan, it would not be a problem for a Malaysian coming from a multiracial country, we are familiar with the culture, language, food and living style in Taiwan . However for the oversea scholars coming from “non-Chinese” country, it would be a problem for them to survive in the beginning. However, these problems such as language, food, and life styles could be overcome later.

I am so glad that my English proficiency test for TOEFL or IELTS is waived during my admission. Frankly speaking, taking such test including GRE really cost a lot for a student in Malaysia . We have to “invest” a big sum of money (compare to our financial status) for these tests unless we are very sure for wanted to proceed in this career path, otherwise it would be wasted. Once we are accepted, we need more money for the flight tickets and to cover the living expenses here.

The curriculum of the programme provides good training to equip us well for our future career path in scientific research. That’s why most of the applicants are applying especially TIGP provides basic coursework and lab rotation for us to determine our niche area. Inevitably, the stipends provided might be one of the reasons applying for TIGP, however most of us including me, was unaware of the tax issues. I just got to know that we need to pay tax for our stipends during the orientation, perhaps I was not aware or it was not clearly stated during the application time.

Actually for studying in Taiwan , the financial support is the key factor for a student to survive well. As most of the graduate students (I am taking the situation of most of the Malaysian students as example, however it should be more or less the same for students from elsewhere), they are not pay well during their graduate study. In order to earn more, most of us have to look for part time jobs in order to save more money for our graduate studies. We are trying not to get the financial support from our family, and most of us still need to send some money back to our home country to our parents, not to say to those who are married and having a family. This is actually deterring people from applying for the programme as we are trying to save more money during our study here. Moreover, we still need to pay for our own tuition fee. As far as we concern, most of the scholarships are not requiring the scholars to pay for their own tuition fees during the tenure of the scholarship. Scholars will be receiving full support for tuition, stipend and travel.

Listed are scholarships offered by some institutions and bodies for your reference:

It might be too much if asking for a round travel ticket from home country and arrival allowances, however, at least the stipend we are receiving should be tax-free and tuition fees should be waived during the tenure of the scholarship.

The facilities provided in the TIGP Student Dormitory are perfect and upon satisfactory, in fact is too cozy for me. All the rules and regulations are necessary and meant for making the dormitory an organised one, however overnight guests should be allowed since all visitors have to be registered anyway. One kitchen alone is not enough for all the residents. The rental for the dormitory is reasonable compare to the living standard in Taipei City .

All the personels in TIGP especially those in IMB are very helpful and friendly. I felt warm and appreciate for all the concern, advice, assistance and friendship given by the P.I.s and assistants. It would not be possible for me to survive well in Taiwan without you. A special thank to TIGP-MCB programme assistants Jessica Shih and Linda Chen for being so capable making the programme an organised one and getting the first stipend for us to pay for the tuition fee before the dateline. Thank you very much to all of you.

Have a nice day!

Yours sincerely,
Pak-Guan Teoh

FYI, the stipends we received have to be deducted 6% every month for tax as a foreigner. Since we have not reside in Taiwan for more than 183 days, so we have to be deducted 20% from our stipends every month until we have stayed for more than 183 days. The extra deducted 14% for tax can be claimed back (after staying for more than 183 days) upon application on the next year during tax filing. And since the 183 day is counted according to calendar, so no money can be taken back so for our first 3 months (October to December). We have to be deducted 20% from the stipends for the next calendar year until 183 days, which is around 6 months (January to June). So, altogether 20% is deducted for 9 months in which 14% of the 6 months taxed can be claimed back in the next year. If you want to work in Taiwan, better come before end of June so that the tax you paid can be claimed back.

Hopefully this will help the future TIGP-MCB students. So any comment or suggestion? ;p

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21st April 2007

Opps.., didn't go to collect the cell lysate for 72 hours yesterday evening. Straightaway went back to study for exam after lunch....:( Hopefully it will not affected the results later. Anyway, the 96 hours have to be collected in the late afternoon today....
Today exam had 6 papers, i only have confident for 4 of them. We have to explain for the answers on true-and-false questions, luckily i know most of the answers. Two chapters read on this morning was not really understand and study well, so just wrote whatever i know.., don't know got mercy points or not. opefully can pass lah...
Today is Kean Jin and Sun Li geh ROM, so sorry cannot attend.., got exam ma... ;p

Wish them "forever bath in love river" and "forever bind with same heart". Congratulations!!

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19th April 2007

Today Jessica and Linda asked me that why my blog no more latest news and photos? Aiyo.., no activities being organised and no photos session ma... Haha... They claimed that this blog indeed is a very good promotion for TIGP-MCB... Oh...
Okok.., now posting some photos of myself after the new hair cut on last Tuesday, and also change the outlook of the blog...
They asked me what is the photo of "Part of my body...~~", i said it's my appendix. "yeee... disgusting..." and then Jessica quickly went back to her seat... Hahaha... ;p
Study, study and study for the Cellular and Molecular Immunology exam on this Saturday ah...

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16th April 2007

Ahhh..., that day geh experiments not successful, the control didn't show translation in the cells, probably i didn't add RNase inhibitors and not mixing the RNA and cells properly. Thought of repeating today, but then cell number not enough. Luckily Po Jiang give me the cells and i can do tomorrow.
Today i presented my work so far during lab meeting, it's my first time to present work in Mandarin.., feel a bit weird. And of course i was nervous worrying what i explained was wrong and kena tembak... Haha, no la.., so far so good.
Happy birdday to Boon Chee for yesterday...
Happy birthday to Seng Chuan today.

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14th April 2007

Yesterday i carried out the experiment by myself, from in vitro transcription synthesising subgenomic replicon RNA to infect the cells through electroporation. I was a bit chicken hand duck leg (clumsy) during the tissue culture part as i was not confident, so many procedures need to be carried out properly. Finally i made it! So now need to monitor the expression level of reporter gene indicating the replication of introduced RNA in the cells which will eventually contribute to the stable clones establishment. So need to monitor for 5 days to see the replication and two weeks for the stable clones. Orz...

Today is Saturday, but it's a working replace the holiday on last Friday. Good Friday is not a public holiday here, because last Thursday is Qing Ming. Qing Ming (fall on 5th of April every year) is the day for the Chinese to visit the graveyard showing their appreciation and gratitude for the contribution of their ancestors and grandparents. It is a good culture to cultivate the morality among the young generation especially on appreciation and gratefulness of the old generations. It would be a rainy day, and the sky will appeared moody yet clear and bright, that's why it's called Qing (clear) Ming (bright)...

Today got class, because last Friday's class was postponed because of "Good Friday"... Next Saturday is the mid term exam for Cellular and Molecular Immunology. Alamak, semua belum sentuh lagi...

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Finally i told her...

Today i told my PI Dr. Wu Huey-Nan that i would like to stay in the lab after my lab rotation, she agreed... :) She shared with me some of her feeling and experience in dengue research, haha we are all human... Still having some ambiguity in the findings, so need to find out the niche area and get the present work done.
Frank was trying to install Windows XP (downgrading from Windows Vista), it wasn't successfull due to some settings in BIOS (merely speculation)... so he suggested me to use other softwares which are actually solving my problem... so i just have to change the software which i was using all the while and changed to others which is supported by Vista. Hoho...
Thanks a lot!
Oh ya.., Happy Birthday to Catherine... the zabor la...
This is taken by Prafulla, she bought a new camera.., of course digital la.., now where got people want to buy camera using film one.., unless you are one of those professionals...

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My new laptop

Intel Core Duo (T2250) 1.73GHz
120 GB (SATA)
14" WXGA Display monitor
DVD Super Multi
NVidia GeForce Go 7300
Wireless 802.11a/b/g + BT
Windows Vista BAsic
5-in-1 Card reader
Bluetooth, infrared, 5 USB 2.0, built-in webcam
USB 2.0 Digital TV receiver

Many thanks to Frank for bringing me to the shop. It cost for NT32000... My savings gone.., pokai jor...


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