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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

25th October 2008

A night trip to National Cheng Chi University with Ben.
So we had our late dinner at one of the shops nearby.
It was quite late actually, because i worked till late in the lab.
Besides, today is also the Annual Open House Day for Academia Sinica (this is not the reason for being late, hahaha...), but i missed the opportunity to redeem the prize for the quiz.
The dumpling in this franchise shop was nice, the environment was cozy and comfortable too.
I ordered a "mixed hong-you-chao-shou (red oil spicy dumpling)".
那時候已經很晚了, 因為我做實驗到很晚.
而且今天也是中研院的年度開放日(不過跟這個沒有關係), 我只是錯過了兌換獎品的時間.
那家加盟店的扁食不錯吃, 用餐環境也很舒服.

The shop owner must be a fayenatic, her songs welcomed me along the way till we left the shop.
Just Faye Wong, no one else.
Tian-Kong (Sky), Kuan-Shu (Forgiveness), Ai-Mei (Scandalous), Liu-Nian (Fleeting Time), Bai-Nian-Gu-Ji (Century of Loneliness)
Good impression straigtaway, and the food is nice.
Enjoy listening to her decent voice...
那家店一定是菲迷開的, 怎麼一進去就聽到王菲的歌, 直到要走了還是沒換過其他歌手的歌.
天空, 寬恕, 曖昧, 流年, 百年孤寂...
簡直印象良好, 扁食吃起來也特別有味道...

After the meal, we went for a simple tour to NCCU.
Just a typical university settlement in Taiwan.
Looked like a small town, only has walking tracks and open areas, i didn't see any vehicle road.
It provides such a nice study environment for the students.
Oh, it's 81 years old now, and the College of Commerce ranked top 47 in the world.
裡面真的很像一個小社區, 只有徒步區及廣場, 沒有機汽車道.
真羨慕那裏的學生, 有這樣的求學環境, 真好!
政大已經81歲了, 而其商學院是排名世界第47的喔!

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Lunch gathering

Another lunch gathering with my friends. Well, another opportunity for me to sharpen my cooking skill, i just know how to cook typical family dishes.
This time i invited Ian, Brian, Max and Michael. Dr. Huang and Ken was not available today. Not home party, just a simple lunch gathering.
Menu: Bak-kut-teh, fried celery, honey lemon chicken, onion egg, and prawn with tofu.
Without nagging and consultation of Ken, i still manage to do it.
Thank you Michael for companying me to Carrefour to buy the ingredients the day before and came to help me preparing the food.
這次再辦小聚餐, 又有機會訓練一下我的廚藝,只會煮家常菜... =.=
這次我邀請了小楊, 柚子, 阿宏, 還有大叔. 小澤要約會, 而文璋則要上課, 不能來. 不是什麼"轟趴"啦, 只是午餐小聚會.
菜單: 肉骨茶, 炒芹菜, 檸檬蜜糖雞, 洋蔥蛋和豆腐炒蝦.
沒有文璋的碎碎念與督促, 我也應付得來.
謝謝大叔前一天陪我到家樂福賣東西, 也謝謝你提早到來幫我準備.

I was a bit clumsy in the dorm kitchen, mind of coordination didn't work well. I should cook more often or at least once a week.
在廚房的時候還是有點手忙腳亂, 一下子不曉得要如何開始弄. 下次應該要至少每星期開伙一次來訓練一下.

Fried vegetables, onion egg and prawn with tofu tasted good, as they were cooked with typical cooking method which i am familiar with, hard to fail.
炒芹菜, 洋蔥蛋和豆腐炒蝦很好吃, 就是用一般我拿手的煮法, 失敗機率很低.

Bak-kut-teh... is the worst i have never cooked. I let it boiled for long and forgot make it taste good...forgot to take picture... >.<
肉骨茶...煮過最差的一次. 就一直放在那邊讓它滾卻忘了要調味道...還忘了拍下照片... >.<
Honey lemon chicken... I used the wrong ingredients and realised i couldn't fried them. So i just mixed all the sauce together and cooked it. It turned out to be sour with less honey taste... Will try to improve next time.
檸檬蜜糖雞...突然驚覺用錯材料, 也不能弄炸的. 所以只好把全部醬料跟食材混在一起下過煮熟. 結果是酸的, 也沒明顯的蜂蜜味道. 下次再來!

This is what i cooked:

And the white rice is cooked by Michael with the rice cooker. Ian washed those eating utensils for us. Thank you for finishing all the dishes, i am so touched.
白飯是大叔用大同電鍋煮的. 餐具是小楊洗的啦... 謝謝你們把東西都吃完, 真感動.

Taken with Brian, Max, Michael and Ian. 跟柚子, 阿宏, 大叔和小楊的合照.

After lunch, we watched "Love of Siam" in my room.
Hmmm, this was the N times i watched this movie. Ian and I were discussing the story plots, commenting the scenes in the movie.
吃過午飯, 他們就到他房間看<暹羅之戀>. 嗯, 這已是我第N次觀賞了. 小楊跟我就一直在討論電影內的情節, 當起影評人來了, 呵!

Why i like this movie very much? Actually when we watch the film, from those scene arrangements including furnitures, foods or even passer-by, there are trying to hint something if you are observant enough. They put a lot of efforts shooting this film.
Their dialogues are trying to tell something which are connected along the story.
為什麼我會那麼喜歡這齣電影? 其實, 當你在看這齣電影的時候, 每一個場景, 每一個擺設, 進食鏡頭, 盡管是路人甲乙丙丁, 如果你慢慢觀察, 就會發現那些都有其意義, 在設法帶給觀眾一些訊息. 這也顯出他們拍這部電影的用心程度. 演員的對白, 電影前後也有連貫性, 都在強調某些東西.

Coincidentally, today is my lunar birthday... i only realised after receiving an SMS from my mother... =.=
Happy lunar birthday to myself!
Thank you my friends for having such a wonderful Sunday afternoon with me!
今天剛巧是我的農曆生日.., 是收到媽咪的簡訊才發覺的. =.=

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Dilemma 好煩喔

What should i do?
Because i like you, and because i want to please you, so i put you into the consideration.
If not because of you, i will not be take it seriously, just want to make sure something...
After doing some comparisons, looked like your product is not the best.
However, i know you are the best because you give me the best you have.
Can anyone tell me what should i do?

如果不是我喜歡你, 要不是我想討好你, 我也不會去考慮你的.
若不是因為你, 我也不會那麼認真做功課, 僅是為了要確認某些事情...
做了不少的比較, 你們的看來就不是最好的.
可是我知道你是最好的, 因為都你把你最好的給我.

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肆曾相拾 建中口琴社音樂發表會
Harmonica Club Members of 40th Graduation Badge of Jian Guo High School Musical Performance

功學社復興店 KHS music

This was the first time watching a musical instrument show, with various types of harmonica.
It was actually a reunion performance for Aaron's high school harmonica club members.
I found it was very meaningful, old friends gathered together and went through familiar experience again after graduating for many years.
Parents, teachers and friends were attending and they seemed to be enjoy very much.
這是我第一次觀賞單一樂器的音樂演奏會, 由很多種不同的口琴組成... 其實是小天的高中時口琴社的音樂發表會, 算是他們畢業後的口琴社成員聚會吧... 我覺得這樣蠻有意義的, 老朋友聚集在一起, 重溫以前的點滴, 尤其是在畢業後那麼多年, 還在一起吹口琴表演.
家長, 老師以及朋友們都很開心, 也很享受!

I was a bit worried that i would fall asleep for this kind of musical performance show, but i enjoyed it very much.
Initially was coming for giving Aaron a support, but it was impressive and spectacular.
Although it was not a professional performance and they claimed that they can play better years ago, it was their spirit that impressed all the audience.
原本我還蠻擔心的, 因為怕聽不懂...不會欣賞而睡著了, 可是我想太多了, 我非但沒有睡著, 而且還很享受呢. 原本說要來支持小天的, 但是這場音樂會實在是很精彩, 也叫人感動. 儘管這不是一場專業級的演奏會, 而且他們還說高中時的表演水平比較高, 可就是他們之間的團隊精神以及對口琴的熱愛, 感動了在場的所有觀眾.

Good work buddy!! 朋友, 好樣的!

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Michael's Birthday Party 大叔生日派對

Next Thursday is Michael's birthday, but it falls on a working day. Most of us will not be available on that day.
Since Max said birthday celebration can not be delayed, so we plan to celebrate for Michael today.
In the night before, two of us went to buy a birthday cake for Michael at Sogo.
We decided to go to Party Box KTV today for the celebration. Oh ya, today is also the National Day for Taiwan, doubled-tenth day.
I was late for 10 minutes, and Wolf was waiting for me at the KTV entrance.
Michael and Max were inside waiting for us.
Four of us started to sing first. About 30 minutes later, Ken arrived.
下個星期四是大叔的生日, 可就是工作天, 大部分的人都沒空. 阿宏也說慶祝生日不能夠延遲, 只能提早, 所以就在打算今天幫大叔搞個慶生趴. 前一天晚上, 我們兩個就到忠孝復興的Sogo買生日蛋糕.
我們約好了到錢櫃敦南店唱歌, 順便慶祝. 喔對了, 今天是雙十節, 臺灣國慶日.
早上我就遲到了10分鐘, 到了錢櫃就看到有個帥哥在門口等我, 是小狼啦... 原來大叔跟阿宏已經在裡面等了. 我們四個就先開始點歌來唱, 約半小時後, 文璋也來了...

Michael and Max 大叔跟阿宏合照

Me and Wolf 跟小狼合照

Taken with Max 這個是跟阿宏啦..

This is Ken... what are you looking at? 文璋..你在看什麼呀?

Michael 大叔的臺風

Ken 文璋的陶醉

Wolf 小狼的深情

Taken with Ken 這是跟文璋的合照

We chose our favourite songs and sang together.
After Edwin arrived, we sang the birthday song for Michael.
我們都選了各自喜歡的歌曲, 然後在一起唱. 阿溫到了, 我們就開始唱生日歌啦...

He was touched and his tear just burst off on the spot.
大叔很感動, 當場眼淚就不聽使喚流出來了...

He said he never had a birthday party before, especially celebrating with his closed friends together.
Actually all of us are good friends, we share our feelings and care for each other.
I was blessed for having them as my friends making my life in Taiwan extra-ordinary and fantastic.
他說從小到大都沒有辦過生日會, 尤其是跟一班好朋友一起慶祝.
其實我們都是好朋友啦, 分享日常生活的點滴, 也互相照應, 互相關心彼此. 我覺得認識了你們是我的福氣, 有你們這班朋友, 讓我在臺灣的生活多姿多采, 充滿意義!

Well, this is the cake. 這是大叔給我的蛋糕.

You want to feed me is it? I am waiting... 你要餵我吃喔, 好啊... ^^

Huh, no??!! Don't be like that... 啊, 不要這樣啦...

Taken with Edwin 跟阿溫的合照

After singing for 4 hours, we went for a late lunch with other friends. After that, we went to hot spring at Beitou.
唱了將近四小時, 也過了午餐時間, 我們就跟其他朋友會合吃午餐. 過後, 就到北投泡溫泉.

This is the place we went, called 川湯.
Not bad actually, a nice experience. Being naked for the first time in front of all my friends...
Of course guys only, naked girls are at the next premise. Haha...
We stayed there for 2 hours... looking around, doing "heat-shock transformation" (putting ourselves into cold and hot pools alternately), went for jacuzzi and steam room once a while and chit-chatting...
Camera ran out of battery, so no pictures were taken after the singing session. Ha!
這是我們去的地方啦, 川湯.
還不錯, 很好的經驗. 第一次在熟的朋友面前裸露, 坦誠相見...
當然那只是男湯, 女湯在隔壁, 那邊才有裸女辣妹看... 呵呵...
我們也泡了兩個小時... 東張西望, 冷熱池間泡 (好像在做熱休克轉化實驗, 把載體送入菌裡一樣...^^), 按摩池觀摩, 蒸氣室裡通鼻塞, 當然還有聊個天南地北...
照相機沒電了, 所以在唱完歌後就沒有拍到照片. 哈!

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