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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

24th May 2011

Today, i was asked to be the host for an annual forum organised by the Student, Technicians and Postdoc Association (STP) of IMB on "How to balance between work and life". We invited the institute director, and another three supportive PIs to share their experience. It was an wonderful event as we get to know how they managed to gain successful career and enjoy their work. Frankly speaking, i am very nervous along the way when hosting this forum. It is hard to control the situation and kill some intervals by popping out some comments and repeating the main points. After the talk, it rings a bell and we realised that actually such balance could be achieved. We just have to prioritize the tasks, making friends, fall in love to our work and enjoy our life. We have much to learn from them and get enlightened on how to pursue our future direction.

Recently there are too much things to handle in my life, if what i did lead me to all these consequences, i believe i would manage to go through it.
Please be happy, no one wanted to be hurt.

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At 5:33 PM, Anonymous Panic Attack said...

Speaking before an audience may cause anxiety yet what you had to share was very important. I did learn from your post and wish that I had heard the entire speech.

I especially like this statement, "We just have to prioritize the tasks, making friends, fall in love to our work and enjoy our life." Thanks for sharing your insights.


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