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Taitung Trip Day 4 台東之旅-4

23rd May 2010
Day 4: Taitung City, Forest Park, Seaside Park, Taipei 台東市區, 台東森林公園, 台東海濱公園, 台北

This was last day of the trip. We had to catch the train in the afternoon, so we just spend the whole morning within Taitung City. We borrowed bicycles from the hotel and toured around the city. (That was the main reason we stayed at that hotel because they provide bicycle for free.)

This is Taitung Forest Park 台東森林公園.

The Seaside Park 台東海濱公園 can be reached by going through the Forest Park. There are many public arts along the beach. It was cloudy and windy.

We managed to leave the park before raining.

Ha, we went to the 榕樹下米苔目 again for the second time. It is so popular and we waited for a while to get our meal. Looks delicious ya...

We went to the old Taitung Railway Station. It has been converted to a public outdoor gallery.

We went for another round of "shreded-ice" desert.

After packing up the luggages, we traveled by scooter to Taitung Railway Station. We passed by the "Fruit Street" 水果街(正氣路).

After returning the scooter, i rushed to toilet as i had a stomachache. Finally, we managed to catch the train and backed to Taipei.

That's the end of the 4-day trip to Taitung. We did not managed to cover all the tourist spots and definitely will be there again in the future.
Sweet memory! ^^

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