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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Olympic Silver Medal 奧運銀牌

Today is the historical day for all Malaysian. We have another silver medal for Olympic Games.
Lee Chong Wei, you are the legend, our national hero!
Although you got silver, you are still World's No. 2 best badminton player. If you do your best and do not care about the consequences, the match will be very exciting! Who knows we might have our first ever Olympic gold medal.
Thank for getting us a silver medal, it's been long time we did not see our flag raising at Olympic Games victory ceremony.
Take a rest, and win us a gold medal!
Those "horse-back-bomb", do not blame him for anything, there is a loser in every competition.


Happy birthday to Seok Kooi.

Friends in Malaysia, i miss you all.

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Are you ready? 你準備好了嗎?

I have been planning for my Bangkok Trip.
Thank you Catherine for all the useful tips and experience sharing, Atom for lending me the Bangkok Tourist Guide book, and not to forget Ether for his recommended tourist spots while we went for snorkelling last week.

Booking the ticket from AirAsia, looking at the map, getting useful information from the internet, planning for destination and tourist spots, booking accommodation...

Since now everyone is in the Olympic mood, i was also watching the Olympic Games in the lab during this period. I was impressed and excited when seeing my idol Badminton Men's Single Lee Chong Wei is getting into the final two. They were supporting their Chinese Taipei's team whilst i was supporting our Malaysian team especially our badminton team from the start of the games. Some are disappointed as they could not perform well during the critical moment. Anyway, competition is tough and losing can be due to many unpredictable reasons, get up and walk forward. I am proud of you, for bringing fame to Malaysia!

Lee Chong Wei 李宗偉

Wong Choong Hann 黃綜翰

Sorry the pictures of other athletes are not available on 2008 Beijing Olympic Games official website.

Lee Chong Wei, please win us a gold medal. I will cheer for you in Taipei. Everyone in the lab will cheer for you as well.
Are you ready? I am ready to see you bringing us our first gold medal of Olympics. Remember to treat me when you received the RM1 million rewards ya...

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Longdong Snorkelling 龍洞浮潛

Today i went for snorkelling with Mingshin and his friends at Longdong, one of the scenic sites of East Coast.
I was considered a new friend to them as there were around 30-40 people, and i knew none of them...
Ah Zong was the one who drove, and the car passeegers were Mingshin, Ether, Yi and myself. We were chit-chatting along the journey. Meeting for the first time already discussing on something deep and private, hence it is not appropriate for me to provide any hint here... Haha...
When we saw at the ocean tide, we became excited.
算是他們的新朋友吧, 那裡有三四十位帥哥猛男, 我都不認識...
一路上我們都在聊天, 第一次見面就聊了一些很深入的話題, 真的太深入啦,這裡不便透露, 呵~
開到海水, 就整個人High起來了!

Crystal clear sea water, beautiful fishes, coral reefs and etc...
海水清澈見底, 有漂亮的魚兒, 也有海膽等的水生物...

Eventhough i have been snorkelling for few times, this is the best experience ever, probably my eyes were busy looking at something else.
每次去浮潛, 只有這次覺得最棒, 大概是眼睛都不停地再吃冰淇淋吧...

They really have good body shapes and muscles, i have to work hard to achieve that....
Someone prepared lunch for us, wide variety and delicious.
那班帥哥們, 身材都超好的, 線條也很美, 我真的太遜了, 要加油了...
中午有人發心為我們準備午餐, 還很豐富呢...

Did some shotting for myself, scenery, man hunks, and underwater world...
We will definately come again!!!
拍了一些自拍照, 風景照, 猛男的寫真, 還有海底世界...

We went to Keelung night market at night for dinner.
Atom was waiting for us and bring us around the night market and recommended some local delicacies, so we would not miss something worth trying and will not waste unnecessary money for something which is not nice.

Frankly speaking, foods selling at the night market is quite expensive, tourist area, even more expensive than Taipei city and Nankang...
We were satisfied. Six of us went to each stall and ordered some food to share for, so everyone tried everything, ha..!
不過都很滿足,六人到每個攤子都吃一點,結果該吃的都嘗過了, 呵~

On the way back, we continued our discussion topics... Asking like a naive child. Deep secrets were revealed among us, and even digged out some bad previous bad experiences... Hmmm...
Once we knew the limits of each other, it would not be aukward for us to talk next time, we are good friends now...
回家途中, 還繼續聊, 每個人都來個好奇寶寶連環問.
秘密都被掏空啦, 還揭瘡疤咧...

More photos can be found here.

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8th August 2008

It was a conditional pass for my qualifying exam...meaning that i have to correct the proposal which i submited earlier. Due to time constrain and tension, most of us simply submited the written proposal before the dateline, and aiming for good presentation during the exam day. Actually presentation is more important than what you wrote, because they will not going to read your proposal, they will wait until the day you present your non-thesis proposal. They will only read on the spot when they have doubt on what you say. My flow of presentation was far more better than what is written in the proposal. I was asked to give a revised proposal in 2 weeks time.
After passing the exam, Empress was away to Berlin for two weeks. I went to Hualien with lab mates, Lugang and Taipei tour with friends. Of course i did go to lab as usual doing cloning. So till the last three days, only really sit down to work on the proposal... so bad...
By closing one eyes, quickly do the correction according to what is in my presentation slides, and submited on the last day.
Dr.Tsay has read my proposal and commented i didn't get what they mean.
The evidence of my first hypothesis was weak, even though it sounds logic. She hopes i could write a better one, but then she said it's okay. So i don't have to do anything. Passed!!! Yeah!!!
Aiya.., passed already, the rest is not important anymore... ;p

I was elected as the student representative of MCB by Jessica, since no one has been nominated. I took this as a volunteery work to ease the burden of Jessica and Linda. It is indeed an honour to have this opportunity to learn and gain this extra-curricula experience during my stay in IMB. Perhaps it will sharpen my soft skill and personality which are essential in the future working environment. Hopefully it will not cause a lot of problem for me, the most important concern is that it will not affect the progress of my labwork. Just representing MCB, not the whole TIGP, that one will give way to others.

Today is the opening ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olmypic Games...
2008-08-08 20:08:08

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Congratulations for your graduation!

Congratulations to Mei Fong aka DNA, Wei Wei and Walftor of University of Malaya for your M.Sc. graduation. Finally you made it!
All the best in your future undertakings! I miss you all!

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Party World Karaoke 錢櫃

Another karaoke singing session with members of Vegetarian Boys on Sunday afternoon. Aaron and I made mistake on the meet up venue, we went to the wrong MRT station. No wonder we felt something wrong upon arrival at the station. Luckily Vic taught us how to take bus from a nearby bus stop, so we don't have to walk for long under this very hot weather. It was greatly appreciated.

Get to know some new friends, and interacting with some old friends.

Aaron, our leader for previous singing competition, he performed well.
CH sang gracefully.
Most of the songs chosen by Bao were familiar to me, looked like we've live in the same age.
Evan sang "Big Belly", no worries, i have smally belly too...>.<
Vic is a good singer, when he sang "Actually i am very beautiful, it just that i am not noticeable, i want a companion..." we all laugh like mad... Haha...
Alvin's voice was powerful and strong.
Lawrence can performed Terry Lin's songs very well.
CY knew how to sing a Cantonese song too.
Some songs i couldn't sing well, not up to the pitch, should adjust the key next time...
I duet with Aaron, Alvin, Evan, CH and CY!

我有幾首歌還是沒辦法唱好,拉不上去... 下次要記得調key。

First time ever we sang for so hours, more than 7 hours! But it's satisfying! Ha!
Thank you for the Party World Membership Card, Citibank Credit Card and student ID cards...for the good bargain and valueable spending.

Photos can be found here. Due to dim environment, it was regreted that the pictures quality are not up to expectation.
All the pictures have been resized, if you need the original file, please send me a message, thank you!

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Sports play and fireworks

I went for ball games with Bao and CH at Wanfang High School. Bao is teaching in the school. It's been n years ago i didn't play any ball games. We sweated a lot under the sun. This is my first time playing tennis in a high school, my school didn't have any tennis court.

We were playing tennis and badminton.

Wanfang High School 萬芳高中

They were playing. 他們在對打。 

Hey, where's the ball? 咦,球呢?

This net is too big, even the tennis ball can pass through. This should be a volleyball net... Haha...
網怎麼那麼大,連球都可以穿過,這是排球網吧... 哈哈...

Confucian analects reading session 論語讀書會


Taipei Dadaocheng Fireworks Festival 台北大稻埕煙火節

The fireworks will be released from the Zhong-Xiao Bridge along the Danshui River. Many cameras were standing by there.

Many people are waiting since day time. 天還沒暗就人潮洶湧了。

The stage for performance. 表演舞臺。

This annual event is specially organised for those talented handicapped people to show their talent to the public. Some of them were deaf, but can play and dance well on the stage, some of them were blind but can sing well too. They have never give up their life even though they were born like that, so why should we? There were more than 400 thousand people watching the fireworks show.

My new camera has run out of battery, so i used my Nokia 3230 to snap the pictures of fireworks. Still okay lah...

After the 30 minutes long fireworks show, Fan Van performed on the stage. People started to leave after the performance.

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