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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

28th May 2007

Today Ah Lee came to Taipei again for meeting.., so we went to LungShan Temple for praying and the nearby HuaXi night market for dinner...
Dumpling Festival is around the corner, so there are dumplings everywhere. They looked nice but expensive...
Big aloe... What is that?
At the temple, i prayed for Yoon Lai in Germany that she will recover soon.., and for Da-You all the best in his operation on clavicle bone next month...
Happy birthday to Hui Khee.


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26th May 2007

Yesterday Dr. Wu is not around, she went to US for The Eighth International Symposia on Positive-Strand RNA Viruses till next Tuesday...
So we can relax a bit... hahaha...
A temporary tatoo on my right fore arm...

Really wu liao...
Haiya.., so many assignment need to be done by next Thursday: RNAi, mouse model system, and present an yeast genomics paper to Dr. Leu... Why he likes to have so many discussion on each of the student..? Really no idea, since everyone is last minute, so his schedule is going to be crowded next week.

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iPod Flea

This is so funny, ahahahahaha....
iPod Flea, you will be iching to use it, brought to you by

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17th May 2007

Seminar finished already.., managed to answer most of the questions, but some answers just tembak saja... Hahaha.., got logic also la... Some of Yu-Hsin's labmates came for the seminar, may be bacause their PI is my coach gua... Actually it should be hot today, but i was feeling cold, why? Sick ma...
On the way to Academia Sinica. On the way to my lab 3517.

My poster inside the lift.

Preparing for seminar.

Prafulla took all the pictures, some without my notice... Not feeling well, didn't drink enough water.., ah, because of seminar and sick, didn't do much lab work this week, so what am i going to present during the lab meeting on Monday... Ah...
Got 4 assignments to be done, dateline end of the month...
Hopefully they will settle the tax issue, and giving us clear explaination to clear our doubts.

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16th May 2007

Today is the second mock presentation for my seminar tomorrow. She said i have improved a lot and getting more organised in the presentation. I should speak slower and clearly explain each slide so that people is understand what am i trying to say. I should put some text within the slides so that people can read while listening to my explaination.

Oh, good luck for tomorrow.., all are wecome to my seminar.

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To be taxed or not

This month is the tax filing month for recidents in Taiwan. I was very confused on the tax matter all the while but didn't take the initiative to read the rules and regulations set by National Tax Administration properly. Luckily Seok Kooi show me the website link and it seems like we are exempted from being taxed (i get some friends to read the terms in case my interpretation was not right), so i wrote a letter to the TIGP coordinator.

Actually we are trying to clarify some questions as we were not clearly explained for what we need to do by the TIGP office. They have promised us to find a lawyer and study the law to clarify the tax matter, however we didn't received any feeback till now. We were not informed during the application time nor in the offer letter that the stipends we received is taxable, and we just got to know during the orientation day that out stipend is going to be reduced.
We understand that every citizen or resident is responsible to pay for income tax, however there should be a clear explaination or guide instead of just following what others are doing. Is it right to follow what others people are doing since all the seniors are paying the tax? What if they also not very clear about the rules and regulations about this?

There should be a clear explaination for the terms such as scholarships, stipends, allowance, subsidies or salary applied to TIGP students, it looks like we don't have to pay the tax as stated in the scope of exemption by National Tax Administraton as:

"Scholarships and subsidies granted by governments of the Republic of China or foreign governments, international institutions educational, cultural, and scientific research organizations or associations, and other public or private organizations for encouragement of advanced studies, research or participation in scientific and professional training, except for the scholarships or subsidies received as his remuneration for service rendered to the grantors. "

The visa we applied is regarded as a student coming here to study, not for working or what. Our Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) also stated clearly that we are student, furthermore we have to pay our tuition fee every semester and then the stipend we received every month which had been deducted for tax is regarded as our "salary". So what is the defination of scholarship, fellowship, stipend, allowance, subsidies and salary?? All of us are coming here to study, but are we regarded as a staff, student, or research assistant in Academia Sinica? Should there be a clarification to clear our doubts?

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15th May 2007

Just managed to finished powerpoint slides after burning themidnight oil..., didn't sleep actually.
I was asked for a proper rehearsal by Dr. Cheng Soo-Chen, oh... I was not prepared well for that, so i presented badly. After some discussion with her, i get to understand the paper more and more, really appreciate for her patience and kindness. She works efficiently and yet very organised in everything. She really sets a good example to her students and people around. I was asked for another mock presentation on tomorrow. oefully everything will be improved by then... :)
I went to explain to Dr. Wu after found out why am i making the mistakes for the previous experiments. She still think that's not the main reason, then she analysed and tell me her speculation. Wow, so sharp! Actually she said she made similar mistakes before, that's why she know.., so i have to be SIT while doing experiments and arrange all the stuffs properly. Thank you for her advice and teaching, i feel worth for being scolded duirng the lab meeting yesterday.

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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the greatest mums in the world.

I love you mama...

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to Chee Wai (Ray).

13th May? oh...


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10th May 2007

Today is my father's birthday, Happy Birthday Baba...

Wow, so scary, Yu Hsin's PI Dr. Cheng Soo-Chen asked her come to ask me when i want to discuss with her for the paper which i'm going to present next week..., ah, how she knew it's me... Actually she is nice even though she appeared very strict and discipline.
Hoo, actually the world is very small, today a girl from Malaysia wanna join Dr.Wu Huey-Nan's lab as a MSc student, guest what? She is the sister of the one who was always "sharing" DNA and CYM lab stuffs...Ah Guan...
Haiyo..., so we have to behave well and don't do bad things okay, if not the whole world will know...

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4th May 2007

Wasn't quite concentrate on everything.., classes and seminars were not following well these two days, many sorries to teachers and Shin Huei...
Posting some photos of myself taken by Prafulla's new camera on 2nd May 2007...

Hey, it's Shin Huei's seminar... This is our senior, Shang-Lin in Prafulla's lab...

At KLG near Academia Sinica.

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Labour Day and Wesak Day

So envy to my friends in Malaysia, they are having holiday today and a replacement holiday tomorrow because Labour Day and Wesak Day are fall on the same day. I don't have any holiday here... :( Jessica said research institute doesn't celebrate labour day wo.., so people working in research institution are not labours. So, please don't work as if you are a labour ok...


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