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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Weekend of 23rd January 2010

Now i will bring you to eat something special i discovered last time at Ximending.., so i urged my friend to bring me there again. This is the shop. The tomato noodle is very nice.
The address is No. 30, Hankou Street Section 2, Taipei
上次在西門町發現的好吃的東西, 所以這次就叫朋友再帶我去! 就是這家店, 它的蕃茄麵很好吃!
地址是 台北市漢口街二段30號

This is actually a traffic light...

Besides, i went to watch Avatar (finally...) with my friend, this is the two avatars of myself... LOL
還有, 今天終於跟朋友去看<阿凡達>了.., 之前也製作了兩個"阿凡達"來應景... 哈哈!

This shop is located at Breeze Mall of Taipei Main Station Underground Street. Although it is cheaper (with 10% discount for student), i think the Magic Curry is better.
這一家店銀座咖哩飯.義大利麵, 是在台北站前地下街的微風廣場, 雖然便宜(學生打九折), 但是我覺得魔法咖哩比較好吃.

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ASICC opening

I went for the Academia Sinica International Community Club (ASICC) opening ceremony tonight for free food... The ASICC is a new social club for Academia Sinica employees that hopes to bring together the diverse international community of AS. FYI, there are people out of 46 different countries working in AS. I was there late and met Anle on the way. So we made our queue for the buffet meal.
See, everyone is bring their whole family, LOL...

Ok, after finished my meal, i went to have a chat with my best friend, Prafulla, and her husband Sundar. Ha, we met Dr. Lee Yuen Tseh and had a photo session with him. He is the Nobel Laureate in Chemistry year 1986.

I didn't join for the remaining of the programme, everyone is still eating, so i went back to lab.
Have a great night.

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19th January 2010

Miao~喵 ~

This was a funny wall post i got from Facebook yesterday.

I was "inspired" by Nathan when we chatted on MSN... so i started the first verse of the lyrics...and my friends completes them all verse by verse... LOL!
Suddenly i wanted to watch "The Sound of Music".
我開始了第一句歌詞, 然後我的朋友就一句一句的把它完成了... 哈哈!

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Heart Sutra 心經

Faye volunteered to rearrange and perform the Heart Sutra at Famen Temple for the Buddha's finger bone relic ceremony on 9th of May 2009. What a graceful voice...
Her previous song "Heart Sutra" (duet with Julian Cheung in around 1995) helps me to memorised the 260-character of Heart Sutra.
這是王菲於2009年5月9日為佛址舍利安奉大典在法門寺文藝演出的彩排錄影. 天籟的歌聲...

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16th January 2010

Suddenly found these songs are so meaningful. Enjoy.

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Jinguashi and Jiufen 1-day trip 金瓜石-九份一日遊

Yesterday we went to Yehliu, so today we went further to Goldmelon Stone (Jinguashi) and Nine portions (Jiufen). We travelled there by train. The journey took around 35 minutes from Nangang to Ruifang. We straightaway took the bus in front of the railway station heading to Jinguashi.

The scenery along the way is very beautiful. Jinguashi and Jiufen are situated at the highland of northeast mountain area of Taiwan, hence we can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the journey. Jinguashi is the terminal stop, it will pass by Jiufen on the way.

Alright, we are here.

We are so lucky, from now on the entrance is free!!

Everything also related to "gold"...

I think this police station is to prevent you from commiting any crime here...

Ok, look at the pictures.

Now we are on the way to the Gold Musuem. The scenery outside is worth for the walking effort.

Now we are going inside the museum.

If you never touch this piece of gold, never telling anyone that you been to this museum. It is a gold block of 999.9 grade and weight 220.30 kg, worth for NT 255,420,000 (around USD 8 million). We touched it.

Leaving the museum, now going to Jiufen.

We took the same bus descending the hill to Jiufen. It stopped in front of 7-11. We then walk into the alley which sell lots of local products and food. This is the first time i came here by myself and get the chance to see the surrounding and feel the atmosphere throughly. As usual, here is crowded... Haha...

We stopped by a shop for fishball soup and noodles. I bought a wood postcard for myself and send one back home for my family. Yes, we bought some souvenirs too.

This is the famous food. They queue for long time to buy this, but i bought the yam cake instead.

However, we didn't try the famous "yam-starch ball". It was really nice when i tried it 2 years ago with my friends, the scenic view from the dining hall really blend well with the tasty dessert. This is the famous cookies confectionery.

After that, we took bus back to Taipei and had our late dinner at the underground street near to the MRT. We called it a day.

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