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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Oxygen 氧氣

范曉萱 - 氧氣
Mavis Fan - Oxygen
Listen to this song once again, nice melody with sad lyrics.
再一次聽到這首歌, 很好聽, 也很傷感...

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Taipei Zoo 台北動物園

Never been to Taipei Zoo ever since i came here 3 years ago, so Sunny and i decided to go there for a look. Today is the adjusted holiday in conjunction with the Dragon Boat Festival, so obviously the zoo is crowded. The entrance fee is not expensive, i got a student's price ticket for NT30 whereas the normal ticket costs for NT60.
Actually it was indeed a walking exercise while visiting the zoo, we walked all over the places just to see the animals. Of all the animals, i like penguins, tigers, Malayan tapir, pony and antelope.
來了台北快三年了, 我都沒有去過台北的動物園. Sunny今天約我前往, 當然很快就答應了. 盡甜是端午節的連假, 所以動物園人山人海. 入門票沒有很貴, 我買了學生票台幣30塊, 普通票則是台幣60塊.
參觀動物園, 其實是徒步運動, 我們必須搭乘11號車遊走整個園區.
看了那麼多的動物, 我最喜歡看的是企鵝, 老虎, 馬來貘, 小馬還有羚羊

We managed to see the pandas "Tuan-tuan" and "Yuan-yuan" (literally reunion) on the way back to the main entrance. People are so excited as the zoo released the panda to the outdoor area for let everyone sees them. They were kept inside the building and people need to register themselves in order to get the limited entrance to see the pandas. I was happy even though just managed to see them from far.
在走出大門口的時候, 我們看到了團團跟圓圓的廬山真面目. 原本牠們是在展覽館內的, 而每天可以入館參觀的人數也有限, 所以熊貓被放出室外來玩, 讓每個人圍觀的人都很興奮. 雖然只能從遠處看熊貓, 可是我也很滿足了.

The koala bear was cute.

We then went to the town for dinner and wandered around the town after that. I bought 3 shirt pants for NT1000 from 3 different shops. Summer is coming, it is time to wear short pants once a while under the hot sun instead of wearing long pants everyday.
過後我們回到台北吃晚餐, 然後到處逛逛. 我各別在不同的地方買了三條短褲, 花了一千塊. 夏天來了, 大熱天偶爾可以穿短褲, 不必每天都穿長褲.

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Dragonboat Festival

Today is the Dragon boat Festival (端午節), a Chinese traditional and statutory holiday. It falls on the fifth day of fifth month in Chinese Lunar Calendar (農曆五月初五). This festival was originated from ancient China. The best and most widely known legend related to the death by suicide of Qu Yuan (屈原)(c. 340 BC – 278 BC) in 278 BC during Warring States period (戰國時代). The details of this festival have been explained by myself and Susan during the GSA Summer Party last Friday.

We gathered at the bus stop in the morning and travelled to Nangang 南港 MRT Station heading to Zhongxiao Fuxing 忠孝復興 MRT Station. There was shuttle bus provided to the Taipei Dragon Boat Festival 2009 (臺北水岸 2009聽奧端午嘉年華) venue. The weather today was nice, windy but not sunny. There were lots of booths selling food, promoting Deaflympics 聽障奧運 and the festivals. We stopped by the racing venue for a while after having some snacks at the booth area.

I found it quite boring, perhaps i like this festival because of the rice dumpling 粽子 and holiday. So next time when you want to commit suicide, make sure your suicide day will become a public holiday, if not do not simply die. If you have the courage to take away your life, why not live with it?

I saw team from Malaysia was taking part in the race, i went to talk to them. I wished them all the best.

These kids are so cute.

We then walked back to the bus stop and decided to go to Beitou. While getting the free Coke, we actually missed the bus to Yuanshan MRT station, so we decided to get into the same bus back to Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station. When we arrived at the station, someone suggested why not we go to Maokong instead, since most of us never been there before, so we took the MRT to Taipei Zoo and head to Maokong by bus.
We stopped by McDonald's for simple lunch.

I was having car sick along the journey, she has to improve her driving skill while ascending the road. We then got off at the Yao-Yue Teahouse (邀月茶坊) recommended by the bus driver.
Wow, the environment was very nice and tranquilising. We ordered two different types of tea, the "Oriental Beauty 東方美人" (Oolong) and "Biluochun 碧羅春" (green tea). Most of us prefer the Oriental Beauty. The snacks were nice to eat, and special. We chatted for few hours and decided to went back for dinner.

This is our first non-official GSA activity, ha! We just realised that seven of us were actually came from six different countries, Malaysia, Taiwan, Germany, France, India and USA. What a multinational combination, we can travel the whole world easily.
We finally had our dinner at Cape No. 47 at Nankang. The food was quite delicious, but i found it was a bit oily.

We called it a day.
Hmmm, we should hang out more often.

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GSA Summer Party

We were having a GSA Summer Party in the TIGP dorm on yesterday. It was the opening party for our Spanish and French language and culture clubs. I was responsible for giving a brief introduction on the Dragon boat Festival, together with Susan. I invited Keith and his friend Eric as my invited guests. We offered food and drinks from different countries (including Mexican tortilla chips, French cheese, spicy Indian snacks, Taiwanese local dishes and the rice dumpling, zongzi).

The language, Yoga and Salsa dance teaching were interesting. We also had quiz and games sessions and everyone was enjoying.

Organising a party is tiring, but seeing people are enjoying very much during the party, we felt relieved and satisfied. I wish this kind of activities will became the regular activities for GSA to promote the cultural exchange between local and international students, adding some spice for the graduate life here.

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Faye's latest poster 王菲的最新海報

This is the latest released poster of Faye for the Royal Wind Shampoo.
Simple and nice. The poster and advertisement cost for RMB 200 million?! It should be covered more products. However, i would prefer her new album.
這是王菲代言追風洗髮精的海報. 簡單又好看. 商家花2000萬只有這樣的海報跟廣告, 應該不是吧...

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This is not the Faye i like... 這不是我喜歡的王菲

This is not the Faye i like...
Where is your album?
Buy shampoo and get a limited poster for free... What is this? Pay for the shampoo or your poster..?!
Faster sing and let us listen to your beautiful voice.
It's been ages you didn't open your second mouth already even though you still standing still while singing in live...

買洗髮精可以換妳的限量海報一張... 怎麼會這樣?? 是買洗精還是純粹為了海報..?!
快點開金口讓我們聽妳那天籟的歌聲吧. 妳已經很久都沒用妳那第二張口來唱歌了, 縱使妳演唱時還是習慣站立不動...

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Meet with Annie and Sunny 信義區見面

Meet with Annie and Sunny again in Xinyi District.

The is the truth why i could not recognise her yesterday. The magic of make-up, that is one of the greatest inventions in human history. Haha!
這就是我為什麼昨天晚上認不出她的原因, 化妝前後的差別真的很大. 要說化妝品是人類史上最偉大的發明之一, 一點也不為過. 哈哈!

Bicycle for rent. 腳踏車出租.

This is probably the most expensive gardening area in Taiwan, the farm is located near Taipei 101... The owner should consider selling the land, perhaps s/he is rich and enjoy gardening very much.
這裡也許是全臺灣最貴的菜園, 菜園地段坐落在台北101附近.
地主可以考慮把地賣掉, 不過也許他喜歡園藝多於錢.

We went to Linjiang and Tonghua Streets night market for dinner.

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