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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

30th July 2009

Finally, homegirl is graduate. She just passed or oral presentation today. At last what you work hard these two years is being paid and you earn your degree.
你的努力已經得到回報, 妳拿到你的學位了

Mark came to looked for me for lunch. He called to lab and a summer student answered the call. He said her voice is like a child... She is elder than you, you should call her sister...
She just has childish voice (literally doll sound)...
Actually i was not quite used to the childish voice around the lab, There girls came to have their summer lab training in our lab during this summer holiday, two of them are having childish voice, whilst another one is very mature.
But then i was busy talking wth a Costa Rican friend during lunch.
And he left after that.
他比你大, 要叫人家姐姐...
當初也很不習慣, 有兩個暑期生有娃娃音, 另一個聲音就很man

Today a summer student wanted to prepare a solution but do not know how to calculate the formulations, and empress noticed it...
"i already taught you how to calculate, from the first day you came here, bla bla bla..."
And her daughter said,
"Hey, it's enough, you talk too much..."
Wow,this is the first time we heard that...
So cool, she dare to said so to empress, why don't you join our lab...
今天有個暑期生學妹要配東西不會算, 結果被皇太后發現..
"教過你了, 就怎樣怎樣算..."
他的女兒聽到他說他同學, 說道:
真的很瀟灑,這樣嗆皇太后, 你快來我們實驗室啦...

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Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin Ahmad, a film director, writer and scriptwriter from Malaysia passed away on Saturday due to stroke. She was well-known for her TV commercials and films in which they contain many hidden meaningful messages especially on family, cultural, racial and religious issues in Malaysia...
Shared with you some of her works from YouTube.

Reunion Dinner

Tan Hong Ming in Love

How do you spell "dinasaur"? (Race)


You are going to stay in our heart for long.
I should go to watch these films:
Rabun (My Failing Eyesight) (2003)
Sepet (Chinese Eye) (2004)
Gubra (Anxiety) (2006)
Mukhsin (2007)
Muallaf (The Convert) (2008)
Talentime (2009)

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It's Saturday night, i went to have late dinner with Sean at Forkers near Zhongzhan MRT station. It is operated by a foreigner angmoh, he speaks good mandarin, so do his kids.
I ordered the BBQ Chicken Burger set, NT250.
Sean added NT50 on his set meal and get this Miller. I just got myself a Coke.
星期六晚上啦, 跟Sean約好去吃晚餐, 真的很晚... 我們到捷運中山站附近的Forkers餐廳. 餐廳是一個外籍洋人開的, 中文講得很流利, 連他的小孩也是. 我點了BBQ雞肉漢堡套餐, 250塊

Salad with thousand island sause 沙拉加千島醬

Quite big portion right? Put it together to become a burger. Delicious!
很大份量吧... 疊在一起變成這樣. 好吃! 呵

In my two cents, the taste and price for the food at Forkers is better than KGB.
Forkers 的食物很不錯, 價位又合理(因為份量很大), 比KGB划算!

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His Music Will Live Forever.

今日本來話有颱風嚟, 但係又無... 不過都無出街.
成個晏奏都係度聽Michael JacksonD歌 同你地分享下啦...
佢成日整容, 整到每個MV戈樣都唔同, 好似佢同佢D歌一起演變咁...
其實我覺得他冇去漂白, 應該係一種皮膚病... 一開始戴手襪係為咗遮手上D白斑, 點知咁就成為潮流, 之後D斑就擴散到成身都係... (應該就冇咁嘅漂白技術, 如果有D明星就唔洗搽咁多種嘢啦..)

Billie Jean

記住唔好做Billie Jean嘅細佬 Lolly Jean (攞嚟賤)

Beat It

以前細個戈陣仲以為佢係度唱緊一個人嘅名, 因為佢一直死猛係度嗌"B-leh, B-leh..."


以前細個覺得佢咁樣好有型... I'm bad... i'm bad... you know it, i'm bad...

Black or White

個MV好有創意, 歌又好聽... 唔好用膚色嚟歧視人地!!

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17th July 2009 Empress gifts 皇太后御賜

Empress gifted everyone two honey peaches today and here is the evidence.
話說今天皇太后御賜又每人兩顆水蜜桃, 這就是證據.

CCW and i were so sampat, really took pictures for proof...
寵鈞跟我都很三八, 還拍照存證...

Yesterday, i got a pineapple cake from her too, just because i am CCW's neighbour.
昨晚, 又意外的得到一塊鳳梨酥, 為什麼意外, 因為我坐在寵鈞隔壁...

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2009 3517 Group photos 實驗室團體照

Some of them are summer students*. 有些是暑期生*.

Mars, CCW, CPJ, ZQ*, Chin, Lala, Weny, TPG, HZS, XJ*, NH*, Hsu, Empress, ING.

Let's take a look at he pictures. 先看照片拍得怎樣...

This one looked naive... Orz 這張有點清純 囧

Pretend to be serious 裝認真

Nathan said this looked professional, i was in a seminar.
耀華說這個看起來很專業, 人家是在聽講座.

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6th July 2009

Time: around 10 pm Place: 3517

Empress: What are people in Malaysia eat for breakfast?
Bryan: Noodle, rice, bread and etc...
Empress: Wah.,, eat noodle early in the morning ah..?
CCW: So do you brought any special recipe or ingredient from home?
Empress: Ya..
CCW: Just like the one you cooked last time...
Empress: Hey, i remember someone ate all the meat, i only drank some soup...
CCW: Ha, i ate a lot of meat and bone...
Empress: Ya, and i provide the pot and rice.., but i didn't taste the meat, just some soup...
Bryan: But there are also vegetables ma...
Empress: Oh ya.., but someone finished all before i can eat...
CCW: Haha...

Errr.., empress, do you mean something?
Last year i cooked Bak Kut Teh for the lab members after i passed my qualifying exam.
Perhaps they are hinting me to cook again this time...
Ha, i better pertend don't know anything... ;-P

時間: 大約晚上10時 地點: 3517

皇太后: 馬來西亞人的早餐都吃什麼?
阿源: 麵,飯,麵包 等...
皇太后: 那麼早就吃麵喔?
CCW: 那麼你有從家裡帶什麼材料或私房菜回來嗎?
皇太后: 對啊..
CCW: 就好像你上次助的那些...
皇太后: 吼, 上次我記得有人把肉都吃完了, 我只喝了一點湯
CCW: 哈, 我吃了很多肉骨...
皇太后: 還好說, 我提供鍋子, 白飯是我提供的, 可是我卻連肉都沒吃到, 只喝了一點湯...
阿源: 可不是還有青菜嗎?
皇太后: 哼, 有人把它吃完了, 我都沒吃到...
CCW: 哈哈...

呃, 皇太后實在暗示什麼嗎?
去年資格考順利過關我煮了一大鍋肉骨茶請實驗室的人吃, 也許他們在暗示我再煮...
哈, 還是繼續裝傻好了... ;-P

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Remember the time

We are the world

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type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"

width="425" height="344">

Heal the world

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width="425" height="344">

Earth Song

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4th July 2009

Ops, my laptop is not working properly... the blue screen always pop-up after a while and automatic reboot follows... Perhaps part of the hard disc is spoilt, let me reformat it and see.

筆電有問題, 用到一半就會有藍色的螢幕跳出來, 然後就自動重新開機.
可能硬碟壞了, 重灌看看.

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