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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

28th July 2007

Academia Sinica

Institute of Molecular Biology

TIGP Dormitory

So now you know where TPG stays, besides sending him cash and gifts, you can also send books, kacang putih, kaya, keropok, comics, CDs, DVDs, and etc...

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After lab meeting...

She is the head of 3517.
Labmates... some new members... Hey, where is Jepsons?

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23rd July 2007

Finally i experienced the earthquake in Taipei...

It's been long time didn't update myself during my stay in Malaysia, here is it in brief... Basically i didn't go visiting here and there, just went around makan-makan and gathering with friends... Haha... Pictures will be updated later.

22nd July 2007 (Sunday)
Went to eat Gopeng lai fun (務邊賴粉) again as breakfast... Met with Desmond Lai along the way.., you are getting fat since quit scouting, haha...!
Took bus to Kuala Lumpur, had my lunch there. The roasted chicken rice at Petaling Street (茨場街) is very expensive, don't go there to eat unless no choice. It's going to rain, so just proceed to KLIA with KLIA transit.

Met with Chee How and Chuen Yi. We were chit-chatting at KLIA McDonald's before i checked in flying to Hong Kong and Taipei.

Arrived at dorm around 1.45 a.m. this morning.

21st July 2007 (Saturday)
Went to watch "Flower Drum Song" Musical Show.

Wei Xiang played Uncle Chin in this charity musical show, he sang a beautiful song of "My Best Love" which was added to this production. I never expect that he can sing that well.., he was satisfied with his performance on that day..., sing and act in a musical show are not easy anyway... Well done and congratulations!

20th July 2007 (Friday)
Having lunch with Ipoh white coffee with Wei Xiang, Sze Tat and Wing Hong at Ipoh Parade.

This is Pak Guan.., who else?
This is Sze Tat...

And this is Wei Xiang..., Wing Hong took all the pictures but forgot to include himself.

Met with Candy Lo, another white coffee at Menglembu...
Nice curry chicken cooked by my mother... We dipped it with white bread to finish the last drop. Having supper with Sze Tat and Wing Hong at hawker street near my primary school... mixed fruits ice (雜果雪) and fried big noodles (炒"大碌"面)...
We watched "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" at Ipoh Parade after that.

19th July 2007 (Thursday)
Had McDonald's as brunch with my mother...
Lunch with Wing Hong. Guilinggao (龜苓膏) and dessert luohanguo with white fungus (雪耳羅漢果)...
Best soya bean milk (豆漿) at Funny Mountain.., didn't manage to eat the tau fu fah (豆花)... as i was too full at that moment...
Having supper with Kok Yew and Wen Ching at a hawker centre near Menglembu. We had lui cha (擂茶), clay pot chicken rice (瓦煲雞飯) and fried kuey teow (炒粿條).

18th July 2007 (Wednesday)
Went to ASUS Service Centre to check my laptop.., graphic card problem.
Changed my maxis line from postpaid to prepaid.

Back to UM to get my luggage and went back Ipoh.
Finally the manuscript finished and ready to be reviewed.
Gathering with B2 classmates at Greentown Kopitiam... Phooi Leng, Kean Leong, Mee Ling and Poh Yee... we had nasi lemak (椰漿飯) and white coffee...

17th July 2007 (Tuesday)
Having breakfast with Benny... roti canai (印度煎餅)...
Redbox Karaoke in the afternoon with Chuen Yi, Catherine and Ethan. Why wear batik? No more clothes to change... :p
Evidences of ponteng kerja are as follows...:

Have a short meet with Adrian to get the cheque.
Meeting with Prof. Yasmin concerning the manuscript.
Having dinner with Mau Jack, Eng Kheong and Chin Wei at 928 Puchong. We had fried noodles (炒麵), satay (沙嗲/串燒) and chicken wings (燒雞翅膀).
Went to supper with William and Eddy at SS2 Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Stay at William's place for a night.

16th July 2007 (Monday)
Meeting with Prof. Yasmin concerning the manuscript...
Dinner with Wai Kong... Chee cheong fun (豬腸粉) and dessert wheat porridge (麥粥) and black glutinous rice (黑糯米)...

15th July 2007 (Sunday)
Gathering with Biomedic coursemates. Cheong Yee, Seok Kooi and Poh Ling. We had our lunch at McDonald's near the cinema at Mid Valley Mega Mall.
Gathering with B2 classmates. Cheong Yee, Yein Jee, Poi See, Sook Wei, Wai Kwan, Tzer Ying and Ee Ping. We just drink water at Long John, yes, Mid Valley again...
Cheong Yee, Tzer Ying and Ee Ping...

Went to Serdang, got my new handset Nokia 3230 from Ray. We went to Sungai Long to have dinner together with Jeff, Hou Yee and Pui San.
Seri Pinang, gave the wedding gifts to Pike See and Win Cheong. Went to supper with Win Cheong and Felex.

14th July 2007 (Saturday)
Lunch with Ethan... roasted chicken rice (燒雞飯)...
Tea with Shing Yee at Low Yat Plaza, white coffee and prawn mee (蝦麵) at Kopitiam. We went to Sungei Wang and Time Squares later.
Went to La Queen with Jasmund, Joe, Ken and Vince... bad experience after opening my eyes...

13th July 2007 (Friday)
Breakfast with Norul... nasi lemak, roti canai...
Met Prof. Yasmin regarding the manuscript.
Lunch with Chuen Yi, Catherine and Mei Fong at Jalan Bukit. chee cheong fun (豬腸粉) again...
Supper with Jasmund and Joe at Murni SS2, the wonder kitchen... so crowded and expensive, don't know why people like to go...

12th July 2007 (Thursday)
Went to KL. Having lunch with Jeffrey Wong, Chuen Yi, Catherine and Wei Wei at Mid Valley Kenny Rogers.
Money changers at Mid Valley offer best bargain.
Met Prof. Yasmin regarding the manuscript.
Went to have dinner with Sook Fun at SS2, we had curry mee (咖哩麵), roasted fish, fried lala (clamp) and dessert (mo mo cha cha)...
Stay at Edvin house at Section 17. Thank you very much for your accomodation.

11th July 2007 (Wednesday)
Wandering at Ipoh city...
Having tea with Yoke Mun... Wow, we haven't met each other for 9 years...!! You are still beautiful. Hehe...
Watched "Transformers" at Kinta City with Yeat Harn and his friends...

10th July 2007 (Tuesday)
Singing karaoke with Wing Hong at Ipoh Parade K Box in the afternoon.
Staying at home.

9th July 2007 (Monday)
Staying at home.

8th July 2007 (Sunday)
Went to grandmother house at Sungei Siput. Played mahjong with aunties...
Staying at home.

7th July 2007 (Saturday)
Happy wedding to Tian Kooi.

Played overnight mahjong with Yeat Harn and Seng Chuan.

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I'm back!

Hello to everyone in Malaysia... TPG will be in Malaysia from 6th July to 22nd July 2007... Haha...


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5th July 2007

Finally i got a nice detection in my western hybridisation. Wahh..!!!
Ha.., can go back for a nice holiday, however, still cannot get the construct i want... hmmm...
Today is Dr. Wu birthday and her mood is very good, no one get scolded during the lab meeting..., hahaha... Happy birthday! We had a simple party eating cake together during the tea time.., CCW and Tian-Hua went to bought the cheese cake...
Wah.., been away from Malaysia for almost 11 months and today is my last day in the lab. I have to rush to airport early in the morning with Cheong Wei to catch the flight. We will transit at Hong Kong. The air ticket not very expensive as now is summer holiday, the peak season, return ticket economy class cost for NT12236 (Cathay Pacific), Air Bus 330 and Boeing 777-300... Hmm, so excited as i never travel with big air craft before... xD Thank you Nai-Chee for getting the ticket for me from ASUS.
Everyone in Malaysia, how do you do?

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4th July 2007

Haha... free lunch again...

Lots of good point to be shared, to be updated later... :)

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