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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

30th September 2007

in the middle of daydreaming...

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Fulong one day trip 福隆一日游

Today, Seok Kooi, Shenq Huey and I joined the LOHAS Family Mid Autumn Barbeque Activity 樂活家族中秋烤肉活動 organised by Peggy and her friends.

We took a train from Nangang 南港 to Fulong 福隆 Railway Station. Let's sing a song of Fish Leong 暖暖 along the journey when we passed along this station...

都可以随便的 你说的我都愿意去 小火车摆动的旋律
都可以是真的 你说的我都会相信 因为我完全信任你
细腻的喜欢 毛毯般的厚重感 晒过太阳熟悉的安全感
分享热汤 我们两支汤匙一个碗 左心房暖暖的好饱满
我想说其实你很好 你自己却不知道 真心的对我好 不要求回报
爱一个人希望他过更好 打从心里暖暖的 你比自己更重要
都可以随便的 你说的我都愿意去 回忆里满足的旋律
都可以是真的 你说的我都会相信 因为我完全信任你
细腻的喜欢 你手掌的厚实感 什么困难都觉得有希望
我哼着歌 你自然的就接下一段 我知道暖暖就在胸膛
我想说其实你很好 你自己却不知道 真心的对我好 不要求回报
爱一个人希望他过更好 打从心里暖暖的 你比自己更重要
我想说其实你很好 你自己却不知道 从来都很低调 自信心不高
爱一个人希望他过更好 打从心里暖暖的 你比自己更重要 我也希望变更好

After 1hour and 15minutes, we arrived at Fulong Station.

Longmen Campsite 龍門露營渡假基地

This is Peggy.

Game sessions

On the way to Fulong Beach 福隆海水浴場 after the barbeque.

Fulong Beach 福隆海水浴場 and the Rainbow Bridge 彩虹橋.
芝蘭, 聖惠, 于昌, 琡貴和栢源攝于彩虹橋.
It was raining on and off. Three of us were sent home by 于昌and 芝蘭 at night.

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22th September 2007

Today starts the 4-day holiday. Hmmm..., why? This is because Tuesday is Mid Autumn Festival and Monday is adjusted to holiday so that people can have 4 days straight holiday... So nice? But we have to work on next Saturday... Enjoy first and work later...

Actually very weird, Taiwanese likes to have barbeque during this festive season.., everyone is fond of having barbeque gathering.., lots of pollution being created during this season and don't know how many forests being ruined for the charcoals. This is not a usual Chinese custom during Mid Autumn, normally we just enjoy having the mooncake, pomelo, water chestnut and Chinese tea under the romantic moonlight. Culture of playing with candles and lanterns in Malaysia is not practicing here. According to my friend, there were two food companies highly promoting the barbeque sauces around the Mid Autumn season more than 20 years ago... (maybe by hard selling or what), so having barbeque during the Mid Autumn Festival has now became the local culture and practise here. Oh like that la, so next time you can try to "create" some culture practices so that people will remember you forever...

I am staying in the lab to finish up the IFA slide preparation. Initially plan to do another badge of experiment, but the cells just grow too slow making not enough material to start with.., my cells also need holiday and don't want to be manipulated is it? So i will reseed the cells later.

Happy belated birthday to Wai Har, Happy birthday to Kah Weng aka old folk and Aik Seng for today and tomorrow... What a coincident, three of them are in Singapore...

There was a mild earth quake around 2.25pm this afternoon. Bottles in the lab were shaking... :p
Sunny said An Lee will be arriving this afternoon, but her flight delayed for 5 hours at KLIA, she was boring waiting inside the aircraft (not boarding gate oh..) and only arrived at Taiwan around 2000hrs, so we cannot go for dinner tonight. Ha, don't know how she looked like now... :p

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Typhoon day

Yesterday my mood was not right, may be didn't prepare well for lab meeting presentation. I included all the controls, just didn't organise well to present it in the way you want only... But still has hope as got something to find out later... I know you put a lot of hope onme, and i admit that sometimes i am nearly failed under your 3517 Training Curriculum.., may be i am too used to the old working style and pace... Ha..! However, i still managed to finished the work which has been planned yesterday.

Oh, the bad mood had been blown away by the typhoon... Went down cooking together with Seok Kooi for lunch and we invited Shenq Huey to join us... Later Wai Leng and Teik Hui also join us for lunch... So happy, like a TIGP Malaysian gathering..

My friend told me i am fat, even though it is not so obvious under the clothes.., i wish can be slim as him... Hmmm.., wait and see, i will improve and show to you.

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15th September 2007

Today we went to Mountain View Resort 山上人家森林農場 at Hsinjhu County 新竹縣.

It was a nice experience again getting to know new friends and interacting with them. We departed from Taipei Main Station with a small van. The journey was suffering for me as i was car-sick along the journey. Rubbing my ears didn't help to improve the situation while ascending the winding road heading to our destination. When we arrived, it's already 1100hr.

We then took some photographs and had our lunch there. The travelling fare includes an NT100 voucher for food at the resort. The restaurant is nice with beautiful decoration (we had our meal at outdoor), however the food was not nice as expected, and expensive... May be we should not order the vegetarian set meal. The main course has some sour taste and most of us didn't finished it.

After meal, we walked around to take some photographs.

We were heading to 清泉部落 around 1330hr. It was again another difficult journey for me along the rugged and winding road. We crossed some suspension bridges 清泉吊橋 and visited some places such as their elementary schools, San-Mo residential house 三毛居所, catholic church 清泉天主堂 and house around that area. Most of the people there are aborigines and we had a cute aborigine kid bringing us to those places. However, due to the time constraint, we didn't go to the hot spring 清泉溫泉.

We then backed to Taipei for dinner.

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