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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

30th June 2007

After arriving at Jhongli Railway Station, i met up with my friend, Liu Hao.
He gave me a free hair cut...

Nice or not? Thanks a lot..!
I looked tan after coming back from Window on China.., was undersun the whole day...
He brought me around the Jhongli city.., actually it is more happenning than Nankang, so many shops and restaurants. We had our dinner at a teppanyaki restaurant, then he sent me to railway station back to Taipei...

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Window on China

Today went to Window on China...
Woke up late and Sunny was not able to make it. So i rushed to get ready, took a bus to Nankang Railway Station heading to Jhongli... The train stopped at each station, so the journey took for more than an hour... I met up with Miranda, Amily and her sister, then we took bus to WOC. We were wandering around, visiting miniature of Chinese, American and European famous tourist spots and architectures...

Asking for fortune... Amily's sister said very accurate one... First, make a wish, then insert the coin, a "slip" will be sent to you by the little angel later... Hmmm.., not bad...
Forgot what place already... :p

Miniature of a harbour, don't know which part or Taiwan...

Miniature of CKS Memorial Hall...

Presidential House of Taiwan, but Ah Bian not there...

I think this is Confucious Temple...
Hakka village.., does it looked familiar? Finally i know how it looked like... :)

Don't know which famous garden in Suzhou already.., very nice one...

Temple of Heaven (天壇) where emperors pray to God for blessing... If he were going to give his speech there, everyone around could be able to hear him as his voice would be amplified by the surrounding architectures..may be by echos... Sorry, my physics not good...
Forbidden City of China 紫禁城
Don't know what already, just admire their architectures... Ha.. :p

Somewhere in Tibet or DunHuang... (sorry i don't remember the name..:p)

Great Wall of China 萬里長城

Wu-Men of Forbidden City 紫禁城-午門... 午門斬首...啊!!!
Taj Mahal

Shao-Lin Temple 少林寺
Don't know what place already / "Wealth-Calling" Temple with 招財貓...
奔馳的木馬 讓你忘了傷 在這一個供應歡笑的天堂 看著他們的 羨慕眼光 不需放我在心上
旋轉的木馬 沒有翅膀 但卻能夠帶著你到處飛翔 音樂停下來你將離場 我也只能這樣
Statue of Liberty, New York
NASA and Hollywood
Europe... Norte Dam Paris?? i think so.. :)

Do you still remember this story..?
I think these are all for places praying...

We watched diving show and Chinese acrobatic performance there. Very hot out there, we were exposed under sun for more than 4 hours.., luckily we applied sun-block...
Later, we went back to Jhongli Railway Station by bus... I was tired but happy...
Many thanks to Miranda for the pictures and the free tickets for all of us... Muahhahaha...


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29th June 2007

你也許不會看到這篇, 但是沒關係...
我已經把你放下了, 時間快得讓你有點驚訝, 之前跟你聊的所有, 讓你想通了也走出來了, 但卻增加了你對我的依賴... 現在反而是你放不下我...
你不可以那麼在乎我了, 應該去在乎那些你喜歡的人, 你愛的人, 去在乎你的父母, 你的弟弟... 對我有依賴卻沒有戀愛的感覺, 應該會很痛苦吧... 讓一切順其自然, 說時容易做時難.., 哈!
我們就暫時不要聯絡, 你就慢慢把病調理好, 別再讓他發作了, 好不容易你才有好轉的, 知道嗎?
一切就等我從馬來西亞回來后再說吧... 想不通時可以找我, 我會儘量幫助你的...

曖昧 王菲
曲: 陳小霞 詞︰林夕 編︰Adrian Chan

眉目裡似哭不似哭 還祈求甚麼說不出
陪著你輕呼著煙圈 到唇邊講不出滿足
你的溫柔怎可以捕捉 越來越近卻從不接觸 

茶沒有喝光早變酸 從來未熱戀已相戀
陪著你天天在兜圈 那纏繞怎麼可算短
你的衣裳今天我在穿 未留住你卻仍然溫暖

(仍)徘徊在似苦又甜之間 望不穿這曖昧的眼 
愛或情借來填一晚 終須都歸還 無謂多貪
猶疑在似即若離之間 望不穿這曖昧的眼
似是濃卻仍然很淡 天早灰藍 想告別 偏未晚

Wow, tomorrow got free ticket to 小人國主題樂園.., will go there with Sunny, Miranda, Amily and her sister. Thank you Miranda for the free tickets... We will go there by train...

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27th June 2007

Just now Yu-Hsin told me all of us passed the Cellular and Molecular Immunology, i was very happy... So we passed all subjects again this semester...
I got to know after calculating all my marks last week...
Today i said something make DNA not happy, hope she don't mind.., it's for her own good actually. Please accept my sincere apology.
Happy birthday to Wong Sam Mew and Loh Yoon Meng...
Very tired doing lab.., but at least got something interesting turned out even though it's not consistence... Will repeat next week for the same experiment...

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To be continued...

人與人之間的間隙, 都是由小小的誤會開始的...
在乎你是沒有錯, 你也怕會失去我這個朋友...
陪你談天, 並不是要一直黏著你, 只是擔心你會鑽牛角尖胡思亂想, 才陪你聊天...
說親你, 只是表達關心, 並沒有其它意思... 自從喜歡了你, 就沒有想過以要跟你發生關係為前提, 只想呵護你保護你照顧你, 對你所做得全都出於真心, 並沒有其他...
所以不要再說我要求你怎樣怎樣, 跟你說過我不會勉強你, 不會逼你做你不願意的事情, 我對你的愛, 就只有純純的愛...
有些誤會大可不必解釋, 就由得它.., 但也就是因為彼此在乎, 所以才有必要把事情解釋清楚.

之前的幾首歌都很好聽, 但是這首更貼切... 林夕的詞真的太棒了! 希望大家會喜歡.

笑忘書 - 王菲
曲︰C.Y. Kong 詞︰林夕 編︰C.Y.Kong

沒 沒有蠟燭 就不用勉強慶祝
沒 沒想到答案 就不要尋找題目
沒 沒有退路 那我也不要散步
沒 沒有人去仰慕 那我就繼續忙碌

來 來 思前想後 差一點忘記了怎麼投訴
來 來 從此以後 不要犯同一個錯誤

將這樣的感觸 寫一封情書 送給我自己 
感動的要哭 很久沒哭 不失為天大的幸福
將這一份禮物 這一封情書 給自己祝福 
可以不在乎 才能對別人在乎

有 一點幫助 就可以對誰傾訴
有 一個人保護 就不用自我保護
有 一點滿足 就準備如何結束
有 一點點領悟 就可以往後回顧

來 來 思前想後 差一點忘記了怎麼投訴
來 來 從此以後 不要犯同一個錯誤

將這樣的感觸 寫一封情書 送給我自己 
感動的要哭 很久沒哭 不失為天大的幸福
將這一份禮物 這一封情書 給自己祝福 
可以不在乎 才能對別人在乎

啦.... 從開始哭著嫉妒 變成了笑著羨慕
時間是怎麼樣爬過了我皮膚 只有我自己最清楚

將這樣的感觸 寫一封情書 送給我自己 
感動的要哭 很久沒哭 不失為天大的幸福
將這一份禮物 這一封情書 給自己祝福 
可以不在乎 才能對別人在乎

讓我親手將這樣的感觸 寫一封情書 送給我自己 
感動的要哭 很久沒哭 不失為天大的幸福
就好好將這一份禮物 這一封情書 給自己祝福 
可以不在乎 才能對別人在乎

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25th June 2007


不值得愛的人, 哭了也沒用. 我們常會為愛人留淚, 可是愛我們的人絕不會讓我為他掉一滴淚, 所以當你為他留淚, 就是該放手的時候了... 我沒有掉淚, 因為你仍值得我愛, 你會住在我心裡... 很難明白呵?

魚說: 你看不到我的眼淚, 因為我在水裡...水說: 我感到你的眼淚, 因為我在你心裡...
你在部落格中寫的, 我都明白.
未來會怎樣, 我們還不知道, 再看看吧.., 至少現在我們還關心彼此, 好朋友嘛, 還是你們所謂的麻吉呢..? 天蠍魔咒, 心誠則靈, 哈哈!

你說對我的依賴度減少了, 很高興你還是蠻在乎我的... 至少你讓我知道我是最懂你的人, 連你在想甚麼和在聽哪首歌都知道, 有時僅是碰巧, 但那次我都蠻意外的, 你可知道要解讀你的心可花了我很多的功夫... 謝謝我讓你成長了許多? 沒有吧, 應該說互相扶持, 沒那麼偉大...

每段不順利的感情, 都讓我們獲益良多, 都會學到某些東西, 也跨越了某些障礙... 暗戀也好, 熱戀也好, 分手也好, 總會有所得失... 跟你的也不例外... 很感謝你的信任, 跟我分享了你很多的故事和想法, 家家有本難念的經, 逆來順受, 沒有甚麼好擔心的...
喜歡一個人, 愛上一個人, 不一定是因為他的樣貌和身材, 感覺很重要.., 有時, 也許是欣賞他的個性, 興趣, 才幹, 安全感, 義氣, 對生活的熱愛, 亦或是他的愛心, 只要有個理由, 感覺就會愈來愈強烈, 對他的愛意定會在心中暗湧, 萌芽茁壯成長...
悲觀並沒有不好, 如何轉變心境才是我們應該要做的, IQ 高沒什麼了不起的, EQ 高才最重要!
我很樂意跟你分享我的心情和觀點, 可是每次都要站在你的立場想, 但這樣會很難把你放下, 把對你的感情昇華為心靈上的知己, 會比較好吧, 聽起來也較高尚和有內涵... 哈!

你答應我要快樂, 你已經做到了, 也漸漸地走出情傷, 太好了, 待你養好病後就可以從新出發...
你說要離開這個小島到外面去闖, 有志者事竟成, 我已經做到了, 你也可以的... 首先就要先把英文學好吧, 這個我可以義不容辭幫你... 我也踏出了第一步, 寫了封繁體字的情書給你, 很難寫耶, 你下次用英文寫作也指日可待了.
法國很浪漫, 可我覺得跟誰去才最重要吧; 跟喜歡的人在一起, 就算到戈壁沙漠探險也會很浪漫吧, 這樣講好像有點誇張... Je t'aime.

深情的我願你平安健康, 美夢成真, 你快樂, 所以我快樂~

這首歌旋律優美, 歌聲超讚, 送給你...

矜持 王菲(王靖雯)
作詞:許常德 作曲:郭子



我是愛你的 我愛你到底

你是愛我的 你愛我到底生


這首也很棒, 特別是管旋樂的部分...

直覺 張信哲
填詞:姚謙 作曲:陳子鴻 編曲:屠穎

心 是一個容器 不停的累積 關於你的點點滴滴
雖然我 總守口如瓶 思念卻滿溢 濺濕了我眼睛

因為我太想念你 所以才害怕 這孤獨大得不著邊際
若此刻能奔向你 緊緊擁抱你 我會毫不遲疑

直覺我們應屬於彼此 否則我不會每次無法停止
想你想成了心事 等你等成了堅持
眼中渴望來不及掩飾 又如此誠實

直覺我們應屬於彼此 否則我不會常常若有所思
白天眨眼瞬間裡 夜晚呼吸氣息裡

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The First Oral Defence Seminar of Our First Badge Senior

Today is the oral defence seminar for our senior, Mr. Ou Chan-Yen. He is the first badge TIGP student of MCB Programme. Wow, he set a good example that all of us can graduate in 4 years time if you are really good. Hmm....

Representatives of the first year students... Prafulla, Yu-Hsin, Shin-Huei and myself.
Our first badge seniors, the middle one is graduating. Ching-Hang, Chan-Yen and Kien-Thiam.

That's not the most interesting part... The happiest news is that we are free of tax!!!

Thank you so much to Seok Kooi for the information making us urging the TIGP office to clarify for us the "definition" of our stipent received... We were helping ourselves actually...
For details, click here.

So finally, they found out that our stipend is actually a "scholarship", which is tax-free!!! So all what we have paid previously can be returned in the future!!! No more 20% and 6%..!Ha, altogether they have deducted 9 months tax from our stipends (20% for each month), so what the seniors were doing, you all just pay blindly following what others are doing without knowing that you don't have to pay actually??!!

Special thanks to Jessica and Dr. Hong et al. in TIGP office for the clarification. Now we just need to know how to claim back the money... Hehe...

These pictures were taken during the student interaction after the PhD defense seminar while waiting for the results...of course he passed la...
We were told that we were exempted from being taxed... Jessica wore so nice on that day, as if her son is graduating... Haha...
We were discussing about qualifying examination with Dr. Chang Wen.

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