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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

24th May 2011

Today, i was asked to be the host for an annual forum organised by the Student, Technicians and Postdoc Association (STP) of IMB on "How to balance between work and life". We invited the institute director, and another three supportive PIs to share their experience. It was an wonderful event as we get to know how they managed to gain successful career and enjoy their work. Frankly speaking, i am very nervous along the way when hosting this forum. It is hard to control the situation and kill some intervals by popping out some comments and repeating the main points. After the talk, it rings a bell and we realised that actually such balance could be achieved. We just have to prioritize the tasks, making friends, fall in love to our work and enjoy our life. We have much to learn from them and get enlightened on how to pursue our future direction.

Recently there are too much things to handle in my life, if what i did lead me to all these consequences, i believe i would manage to go through it.
Please be happy, no one wanted to be hurt.

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Taitung Trip Day 4 台東之旅-4

23rd May 2010
Day 4: Taitung City, Forest Park, Seaside Park, Taipei 台東市區, 台東森林公園, 台東海濱公園, 台北

This was last day of the trip. We had to catch the train in the afternoon, so we just spend the whole morning within Taitung City. We borrowed bicycles from the hotel and toured around the city. (That was the main reason we stayed at that hotel because they provide bicycle for free.)

This is Taitung Forest Park 台東森林公園.

The Seaside Park 台東海濱公園 can be reached by going through the Forest Park. There are many public arts along the beach. It was cloudy and windy.

We managed to leave the park before raining.

Ha, we went to the 榕樹下米苔目 again for the second time. It is so popular and we waited for a while to get our meal. Looks delicious ya...

We went to the old Taitung Railway Station. It has been converted to a public outdoor gallery.

We went for another round of "shreded-ice" desert.

After packing up the luggages, we traveled by scooter to Taitung Railway Station. We passed by the "Fruit Street" 水果街(正氣路).

After returning the scooter, i rushed to toilet as i had a stomachache. Finally, we managed to catch the train and backed to Taipei.

That's the end of the 4-day trip to Taitung. We did not managed to cover all the tourist spots and definitely will be there again in the future.
Sweet memory! ^^

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Taitung Trip Day 3 台東之旅-3

22nd May 2010
Day 3: Bunun Village, Luyeh High Terrace, Siaoyeliou, Seaside Musical Show, Dulan, Taitung City 布農部落, 鹿野高台, 小野柳, 海上音樂會, 都蘭, 台東市

We woke up early in the morning and enjoy the breakfast prepared by the tribes. After the breakfast, we wandered around the village. The environment was peaceful and tranquilising. You can feel the fresh air, observe flying birds, and enjoy the beautiful sceneries.

Next, everyone was ready to watch the performance. There is a cultural performance in the village performed by the tribes everyday. Besides singing, they were dancing and performing some ritual ceremony. It was very interesting and there was an interpretor to brief us along the shows. They showed their passion on their culture in front of the audience. I enjoyed their performance very much!

After the show, i went to try the archery. It was easy to aim but not easy to shoot the target.

We left the village heading to Longtian 龍田 again.

This is another "green tunnel" 綠色隧道 at Luyeh 鹿野.

Finally, we arrived at Luyeh High Terrace 鹿野高台.

Here is another stop further up where is famous for parachuting.

This is the bird-eye view of Longtian 龍田 from the terrace. It looks like checkerboard or the Chinese character "田". The heart-shaped pattern on the lawn is where the parachute will be landing.

It cost for NT1000 for a 30 minutes fly (can't recall the exact cost and it was not affordable for me), so i didn't try it.

We left Luyeh High Terrace heading to Taitung City where we're going to stay there tonight.

This is the famous shop selling meat bun. We bought a few for lunch.

When travelling along the coast line, we went to Siaoyeliu 小野柳. Frankly speaking, the rocky architectures Siaoyeliou 小野柳 is not as impressive as those available at Yehliu Geopark 野柳地質公園 of Northeast Coast.

Along the way heading to Taitung City, we went for a beach concert.

He is a famous local musician with aborigine's origin Kimbo 胡德夫

We passed by Dulan 都蘭 again. The name appeared to be a laughing stock for me, just like the "Fucking" village in Austria.

After taking a shower at the hotel, it is time to look for food.

This is another shop selling 米苔目, with another shop selling stinky toufu 臭豆腐 next to it.

Another stall selling "shredded-ice".

That's all for the third day.

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