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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Hammerhead Ribozyme

Hammerhead ribozyme
...a small self-cleavage RNA with a conserved motif not a true enzyme in its natural state (so it cannot catalyse multiple turnover)
...the cleavage is autocatalytic the absence of protein enzymes

It works in our experimental design!!! Yeah! ...that's for empress's talk.
We came out with the idea during discussion and she was font to design the experiment and asked me to do it within a month. Luckily it works! ^^
I am still working my poster.
A big thank you to senior HZS for guiding me all the way doing the experiments. I was totally new in this area.

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IMB Year End Dinner

Today is the annual Year-End Dinner 尾牙 for IMB. The food served in this year is better than last year, and the performance was really spectacular comparable to last year. Those PIs, assistants, staffs and students can really do good performance.., they can sing, dance, act and do research at the same time...
Jessica and Linda danced gracefully... ;p
Our lab members are really lucky, Chin Huey got a chocolate whereas Frank and I both won the cash prices of NT2000 and NT5000, respectively during the lucky draw!!! Yeah!!
The "secret" mentioned in "The Secret" really works!!!
Hmmm.., i got to continue with my lab work.

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Weekend 19-20th January 2008

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Malaysia is amazing... :s

在哪里你可以看到全世界最烂的工程部长 - 马来西亚

在哪里可以看到超人般的部长 - 马来西亚
原因:我们的首相阿杜拉 - 回教系毕业,但是可以同时作为财政部长,国家安全部长及首相,还有时间在南马大水灾发生时去澳洲为自己弟弟的nasi kandar店开幕。

在哪里可以看到不卫生的卫生部长 - 马来西亚

在哪里可以看到最成功的教育部长 - 马来西亚

在哪里可以看到最会演戏的贸工部长 - 马来西亚

在哪里做议员最爽 - 马来西亚
原因:能够从火车闸看守员,做到巴生议员,再盖了一个千万皇宫,还请埋普罗大众一 起去他的house warming。

在哪里可以找到最善忘的人民 - 马来西亚

Malaysia Boleh!

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The PCR Song by Scientists for Better PCR

The PCR Song by Scientists for Better PCR from Bio-Rad.

The PCR Song

There was a time when to amplify DNA,
You had to grow tons and tons of tiny cells.

Then along came a guy named Dr. Kary Mullis,
Said you can amplify in vitro just as well.

Just mix your template with a buffer and some primers,
Nucleotides and polymerases, too.

Denaturing, annealing, and extending.
Well it’s amazing what heating and cooling and heating will do.

PCR, when you need to detect mutations.
PCR, when you need to recombine.
PCR, when you need to find out who the daddy is.
PCR, when you need to solve a crime.

(repeat chorus)


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Taiwan 2008 Legislator Election

Today is Taiwan 2008 Legislator Election (台灣2008立委選舉). We can see some campaigns going on around the residential area weeks ago. We even found some attached pamphlets, and brochures as well as advertisements in the newspapers condemning each other... Hey, some people are very rich posting full colour-page advertisements just to condemn the party or some people representatives... However, this year people are not very passionate to go for voting according to my friends, may be they are disappointed for the ruler party or some of the senators, better vote for a watermelon*...
You can find the details of the election here. The site is very interactive and informative.

So, the result is: Taiwan's opposition Nationalist Party scored a landslide victory.

Good or bad, i cannot tell... Too much victory for a party is not good either for the country, both conservative and liberal parties have to be in balance... Hopefully the winners can really carry out their duty and fight for the people. The requests from the minorities doesn't mean not important, everyone including aborigines, GLBT, handicapped, disabled and old folks also have to be taken care. Treat them as your friends and family members, put your feet on their shoes, then you will know how desperate their condition is.
Hmmm..., for me everything is fine as long as my study is not affected by all these political matters. If they increase my stipents now, then i will promote them... haha!! I care for my home country more la..!!!

*watermelon.., Frank said there is a "fruit" candidate, if you don't like all the five candidates, you can vote for the watermelon.., if watermelon won, then there will be no parliament seats for that area (may be they will put a watermelon on the empty chair... haha...), this is because you are useless and hopeless for the people since you even cannot beat the watermelon...
Then some might said voting a watermelon might as well don't go to vote... In my opinion, to vote is to carry out your duty as a citizen, vote for a watermelon is to show your disappointment over the candidates or parties, if the rate of voting is too low, it cannot represent the wish of the people.



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變幻的世界在轉 王菲
作曲:Jeremy 作词:黃桂蘭/楊明煌

我的靈魂 遊遊蕩蕩 孤傲中透著迷惘
我的生活 匆匆忙忙 忙碌中把寂莫掩藏
心和心之間 有太多衡量 總是要彼此猜測 心裏面怎麽想
心和心之間 有太多計算 總是怕天平兩端 不平衡的負擔
變幻的世界在轉 虛假的容易 坦白太難
變幻的世界在轉 熙攘人群中 我顯得孤單 (寧願孤單)

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Feeling on new year

Happy New Year!
It's my turn to be a "maid" (scheduled duty roster actually :p) in the lab, for two years (from 2007 to 2008), haha...!
Today i was called to have a talk with our empress, she was calm, tender with good temper... What a surprise... ;p you are a bit "abnormal" today...
She told me to change my attitude (ops...),
be more serious and determine on everything (perhaps the degree of seriousness is according to your high standard...),
do not simply read and scribe out what is in the paper, must be clear in everything (but that was what is written in the paper, i make sure they described for some points before writing out actually...),
read the paper in detail and thoroughly (she wants in and out everything within the finger tips...),
do not read too fast, if not some important points will be missed out and only catching what is relevant to what i want (i agree to some extend, but reading too detail is tiring, and we need to read a lot, and time is limited at that time, anyway i did include those important points...)

I understand your courteous care, thank you for your patience, i will try my best to improve... We can celebrate after the proposal got approved!

We need to read more papers. To all the graduate students and research assistant, all the best ya! Of course Pak Guan knows his purpose and duty here, but i think job is just part of out life isn't it, we should not allocate too much time for working, everything must be in equilibrium...
Hehe, luckily i have friends to hang-out with to balance up.

輪到我做實驗室跨年值日生了, 沒有人比我更"久"吧, 一做就做兩年... 哈哈!
今天被皇太后叫去訓話, 可是她都心平氣和, 沒有發脾氣...有點驚訝... 不像平時的妳喔...
就說微臣要改變一下態度 (啊...),
要認真 (認真程度是要依照她的標準吧...),
不要隨隨便便念了就把它寫出來, 要確認清楚出處 (可是那是別人說的阿,我看了有講述一些才寫出來的...),
要把文獻念清楚 (她要求裡外都要非常清楚...),
不要看太快..不然就會漏掉重要資訊而只留意自己所要看的 (我同意, 可是看太仔細會很累的耶, 況且要看很多, 當時的時間有限, 重要的奏摺上都有提到阿...)

知道您的苦心, 謝謝您的耐心, 我會儘量改進... 等奏摺(企劃書)通過了再慶祝吧!
要多看文獻... 各位研究生助理們, 大家要加油喔! 阿源當然知道來這裡的目的啦, 只是我覺得工作只是生活的一部份, 生活不應該被工作佔去太多, 不然會作息不平衡...
呵呵, 還好我有朋友幫我保持平衡!

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Happy New Year 2008!!

We went to countdown at Taipei 101...
Enjoy singing performance by Mayday 五月天 and some don't-know-their-names' bands and artists before the countdown event.
188 seconds of fireworks show...cost for NT18 million.... Really spectacular and beautiful!!
This is the last fireworks show shoot from Taipei 101, which means next year there will be no fireworks from that building.

The look of Taipei 101 before the fireworks.

Shows on the stage before countdown..


Show finished...

Enjoy the show!!

So funny is it..? Our school have retail shops selling betel nut...

Happy New Year 2008! ^^

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Message before new year

Time flies and now is already end of the year.
What i have done for the whole year..?

Life had been occupied with the routine of doing experiments, studying, taking exams and writing reports... Of course i did spend my time hanging around with friends and traveling to some good places around this island.
See the pictures in the blog, looked like i am posting only the vacation and traveling pictures all the while.. everything is in its equilibrium actually, so.... ...

May be not so productive in some aspect, but at least i gained something useful.
Recently was busy for writing a proposal for my thesis and our lab direction in the next few years.., so i have to discuss and discuss a lot with our curriculum coordinator to come out with a proposal which suits her requirement. Hmmm..., hopefully we'll get a multi-billion dollar grant.., my life depends on the grant as well after my scholarship terminate by autumn 2009.

Forget the past, and welcome the future with open arms! ^^

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