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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

International WHO'S WHO of Professionals

Haha, i just get this email today...

Dear Pak Guan Teoh:

On behalf of International WHO'S WHO of Professionals, I am pleased to inform you that you have been nominated as a candidate for inclusion in the 2009 Edition. We congratulate you! Nomination into WHO'S WHO is an honor in itself.

International WHO'S WHO has over 20,000 members in 154 countries worldwide. It is the most elite professional network in the world. Our members assist each other daily with business and career opportunities.

It is in times like these that such a network is most valuable and we are seeing members help other members expand their businesses, find new positions, even relocate to another country.

If selected into WHO'S WHO, you will also be listed in the 2009 Edition of International WHO'S WHO of Professionals. This is the definitive work on the world's leaders in commerce, economics, policy, and trade.

We do require additional information to complete the selection process and we ask that you provide your biographical data by accessing the form on our website at:

Our editorial deadline is quickly approaching. I urge you to act today. If you delay, I cannot guarantee the committee will have ample time to review your submission.


Wayne Uehara
Chairman and CEO
2020 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., PMB #504
Washington, D.C. 20006

P.S. There is no cost or obligation to be listed in the International WHO'S WHO of Professionals. To ensure your biographical data is received in time, please complete this online form by May 15, 2009. Upon review, our Membership Selection Committee will be in touch with you.

Members of our Board of Advisors include: Wallid Abdo, CEO, Eurobrokers-Greece; Michael Gondive, CEO, Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank-Kenya; Fehmi Sami, Senior VP, Citibank, N.A.-Great Britain; Yusuf Alami, COO, Abdu Dhabi Investment Company-UAE; Mikhail Zaitsev, Finance Director, Volvo Car-Russia; DR. Jung Kook Paeng, CIO, Hyundai Motor Company, Korea; John Sai Chi Mak, Managing Director, Bulova Watch International, Ltd.-Hong Kong; and Aldo Castelli, President, Shell Brasil, Ltda.-Brazil

Note: If you wish to unsubscribe from International WHO’S WHO of Professionals please click on the link below:
You have received this message because you are registered to receive messages from Informa, One Research Drive, PO Box 5195, Westborough, MA 01581.

Frankly, i think my professionalism haven't up to the level of being featured in an annual book yet, according to them, i was nominated by someone... Wow...
It was so suspicious, so i google it to find out whether it is a scam or not...
Expected..., someone blogged and commented on the same issue as well. Ha...
Readers of my blog, please be careful.

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Weekend in Hsinchu 週末新竹遊

What a Saturday morning, i slept till so late... When i reached Taipei Bus Terminal, it's already 12 o'clock in the aftrenoon. So i took the next bus to Jhudong, and met with Chiang around 2 o'clock. NT140
I went his house to put down my luggage, watching video clips and chit-chating for a while waiting for Jimmy... He went for voluntary service of Tzi-Chi in recycling event.
一個星期六的上午,我睡到日曬三竿... 到臺北國道客運總站,已經快到中午十二點了。我搭了下一班開往竹東的客運,並於約兩點鐘與阿強碰面。

After that, we went out to Hsinchu town for early dinner.
Lu-wei 滷味 ~NT120
Hey, this is nice... 嘿,這家的滷味好吃...

and the drink... 當然少不了飲料
"Three Brothers of Milk Tea"... (it's milk tea with cincau, pearl and pudding...)
“奶茶三兄弟”,即奶茶內含仙草、珍珠和布丁。 NT35

Initially though of going to night market, but the whole day was drizzling, so cannot go for any outdoor activities, i have to cancel my trip to Lavender Cottage. We then went back to Chiang's house for rest. I watched "The Myth" and some "celebrity shows" from TV. Jimmy fall asleep while watching, looked like he's very tired.
We then went to Jimmy place at night, thought of going to visit the "secret garden" near his house. Haiya, still raining no people there...
We went for supper at a porridge shop after watching "Guest Guest Guest" in Jimmy's room. ~NT65. We sent Chiang back afterward.
The drama series in DaAi Channel, i don't like the drama style, and Jimmy didn't understand why i kept on laughing while watching...
晚上我們到東豪住的地方,原本他說要到我們參觀一個在附近的"秘密花園",不過下雨天應該沒有什麼人吧... 看完"我猜我猜我猜猜猜",我們邊去一間賣粥的店吃消夜。~NT65

Hmmm, walking around to a garden nearby for pictures... nice landscape!

This is a famous track in the garden. 這個是縣福園蠻有名的小道。

Heard that someone fall down from here, so funny.

We then went to Hsinchu town for food trip...

This is the Hsinchu City Art Gallery & Reclamation Hall. As usual, i went inside for souvenir stamp, and the volunteer brief me with the architecture for the building. We went upstair for visiting.., tour for only 1 minute.., we don't appreciate arts. Haha...
She said many students came to study the building architecture, which is considered unique in Taiwan.

Shuangshing (double-star) tian bu la (actually is something like yongtaufu)
雙星甜不辣(就類似釀豆腐) NT50
This is delicious, reasonable price. We even can had a scoop of soap for free after that.

Cheng Huang Temple 城隍廟

Jimmy said the food in the area almost the same for every stall, so we chosed this one. This is Hsinchu famous food, fried beehoon, gongwan (pork ball) and bakwan (meat ball). Beehoon is so so only, i don't like the floury layer of meat ball. The pork ball is delicious. NT105 (35+35+35)

We then went to buy the Runbing 潤餅 (literally soft biscuit, it is actually popiah lah...) NT35
接著我們去買潤餅 (啊,就是我們所謂的薄餅啦...)

Ah Zhong Ice Shop 阿忠冰店
We ordered the typical mixture one... NT40

What a nice view at the top of the shop. You can notice that the Cheng Huang Temple is surrounded by hawker stalls, no wonder we cannot see the temple from outside...

Actually i have been here two years ago, but the experience was not the same.
Jimmy sent me to bus station near National Tsing Hua University, i bought a student price ticket which is cheaper, NT105.
I will come again next time.

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27th March 2009

I went to have Subway Burger for dinner with Banson at Nankang Software Park. We thought of went to buy Starbucks coffee before ordering the food. So i ordered a grande size of affogado with caramel, and he ordered a small daily special coffee. We put our drinks on the dining table at Subway and went for ordering.
想說先去買星巴克, 回來再點.
Affogado焦糖 每日咖啡
買了過後, 先把飲料放在桌上, 然後去櫃檯點餐...

When we came back, we only saw one drink on the table.
"Where is my affogado?"
When i looked around, there is another similar drink with another guy on a nearby table. He smiles at us...
I asked Banson, "is that my drink?"
"I am not sure, but why your drink went missing?", he replied.
It's impossible, the drink was still full and we were not occupying the table, there are still many empty tables around. But why only my drink was taken away?!
點完回來, 怎麼我們的飲料只剩下一杯?!
四處一看, 好像有個人在另一張桌子喝我的飲料.
我問小B: "那是我的嗎?"
小B說:"不知道, 可是為什麼不見了?"
咖啡還很大杯, 不可能以為是沒人的然後被丟掉, 我們又沒有占據空間, 旁邊還有很多空桌, 況且為什麼你的卻沒有被收走..?!

I looked at the guy again, he smiled again. He seemed like trying to tell me, "Yes, this is your drink.., hehe.."
So disgusting...
So Banson went to buy another cup for me while i sat down and had my Subway burger...
He came back with a new affogado and told me that the Starbucks staff made another free one for me. We were so pity...
又在傻笑, 好像示意說:"就是我喝的這一杯啦..."
後來小B再跑去替我買一杯, 我則坐著吃我的漢堡
小B拿著咖啡回來, 說星巴克再請我喝一杯.

Do you think the guy drank your small coffee too? I think yes, because the small one was rich in coffee bitterness, but the affogado was rich in coffee with caramel sweetness, so he took the sweet one.
(Affogado is a nice drink, its taste is different from bottom to top, bitter to sweet on different layer, and when you mix it all throughly, the taste is just perfect! You can order one next time.)
你覺得你那小杯的他有喝過嗎? 應該是有... 因為小杯的比較苦, 大杯的有咖啡跟焦糖的甜味, 所以他把甜的拿去喝了...
(Affogado很好喝, 從杯底到杯面的味道都不一樣, 從咖啡的苦澀到焦糖的甜美, 很有層次. 當妳把它攪拌均勻, 味道真是棒極了! 下次可以點看看喔!)

Argg.., the guy even walked pass us... darn...
Looked like he is a psycho...
Alright, forget about it.
After sending Banson to bus station (he wanted to go to Yilan), i went back to lab by scooter.
Tomorrow i will be going to visit Chiang and Jimmy.
啊, 那個人還從我們幫邊走過...
好啦, 還是算了...
小B要去宜蘭, 載了他去搭車後, 我就騎車回去了...

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Earth Hour 地球時刻

This annual international event created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), held on last Saturday of March, was undertaken as a measure to reduce global warming and raise awareness on global climate change.
How to participate in this event?
Just turn off the non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour on this Saturday (from 8.30 p.m to 9.30 p.m.), regardless households or businesses.
So are you joining?
I am joining as i will not be at home during that time... haha...
這是由環保團體世界自然基金會發起的活動是一個全球性的活動, 在每年三月的最後一個星期六晚上開始維持一小時, 希望藉此活動能推動電源管理,減少二氧化碳的排放量,並減少過量電燈所引起的光污染問題。要怎麼慘加呢? 就在該時段內(晚上8.30至9.30)關上電燈及不必要的耗電產品一小時, 無論你是家庭還是商界用戶.
我應該會加入啦.., 因為那時候可能沒在家, 所以就根本不會用電... 哈哈!

Taiwan government is encouraging locals to reduce the energy and carbon consumption.., so every public agency is participating. So we are encouraged to switch off unnessary electrical appliances when not in use, and also switch of the light when we are away for more than an hour in the lab. Errr.., sometimes i wonder how much energy can be saved by doing so, at least the authority should publish a report regarding this so that the people will know its significance. Furthermore, it is a good way to educate the young generation on saving the earth resources.
Hmmmm, there will be lantern festival held annually in some big cities of Taiwan in conjunction to Chinese New Year. Those lantern shows i visited thus far (either in Taipei organised by Taipei City Hall or the national level one which is touring in different county every year) were successful. If you are visiting Taiwan around CNY, do not miss the event. Those lanterns and decorations were attractive and impressive. Ironically the event consume a lot of electricities to light up the bulbs and lights. So, the electricity we saved for the whole year will be compensated by this annual event is it?
I don't know, just do our best to save the electricity and earth resources...
話說臺灣政府鼓吹人民節能減碳, 連公家機關也在響應. 所以所內都要求我們隨時把不需要的電源關掉, 若外出超過一小時, 也要把實驗室的燈關掉. 呃, 有時候我在想這樣能夠節省很多電量嗎? 至少有關單位應該提出一些數據報告來讓大眾明白其重要性, 更何況也可以藉此機會教育年輕的一代珍惜地球的資源.
哈, 其實每年各大城市都會在農曆新年期間主辦燈會. 在我參觀過的燈會當中, 無論是臺北市政府主辦的, 還是國家級巡迴輪辦的臺灣燈會, 都很成功. 如果你有在過年期間來臺灣玩, 記得不要錯過喔. 那些花燈真的很漂亮, 也很迷人. 不過, 燈會真的耗電很大, 看過就知道了. 哈, 所以全年的節能減碳, 看來是為了這些燈會而省的嗎? 我亂說的啦...
別想太多, 做就對了, 我們本來就應該盡可能減少消耗地球資源的, 不是嗎?

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24th March 2009

I think i have not prepared yet...
I think i am not prepared...


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22nd March 2009

I used four and a half month to know myself...

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Danshui again 重遊淡水

Danshui was crowded as usual on Saturday, especially during weekend. Crowd of people equals to pool of fortune, everyone is working hard on this economic recession.

Yes, here is famous for local small delicacies. 是的,淡水以臺灣小吃聞名。

Big ice-cream 巨無霸霜淇淋

Wild boar sausage 山豬肉香腸


A talented street painter.

Musical Saw, the sound was irritating...

Street artist 街頭藝人

Fort San Domingo, Tamsui 淡水紅毛城

Home sweet home. 回家去

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