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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

15th June 2009

Recently, i have moved to a new house.
I moved out from dorm officially in March but have to move out from where i stayed in the mid of June due tio some inevidable problems. Getting a good place to stay is difficult for me, as i have some requirements for the place i stay. So finally i found a house nearby.

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Faith Yang Concert


This is the first concert i have ever watch in Taiwan. I gave my first time to her...
Ops, what a scandalous statement... haha..
Have Faith! Yang NaiWen Live 2009!

Thanks to Sunny for the complimentary tickets from his collegue's friend's friend. We went to Taipei Arena for the concert on Saturday night. Wow, i never expect that she is that popular, so many people gather outside of the concert hall on rainy day. Of course if you will go for the concert no matter what if you have purchased the ticket, unless they cancelled the show.

These were the celebrities we met while waiting to enter the concert hall.

Actors of Permanent Residents

Yang Jin Hua, she's so pretty.

Photographs were prohibited in the concert hall, however i managed to capture some before the concert starts.

We were not familiar with her songs actually, however we do know her debut album song "Stary Sky". She sang this song with Eason Chan, her guest for the concert. this is the first time i watch Eason sing live in a concert.

This is taken with Windson, one of the actors of Permanent Residents outside of the concert hall. I met him on the way back to the hall from washroom.

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Things to do recently

There are so many dramatic changes in my life in these few days, and i have to be decisive and focus enough on what i have to do within these short time. Perhaps i am too tension until my libido became low.

I have to move to a new place as soon as possible before 15th of June.
It is a bit rush for me as i do not want to simply get a room and stay. Initially i have promised my Malaysian friends to rent an apartment and stay together as a family, however it is not possible for them to move out from the dorm at this moment, so i have to get myself a room to stay somewhere nearby. I wish to get a clean and homey place, but most of the rooms nearby were not up to my expectation besides high rental. Anyway, i will do my best to get myself a homey place and move in as soon as possible.

Besides, i have to produce results for my poster presentation in next 2 weeks, and i am flying back Malaysia on the same weekend. If i do not managed to get a conclusive result within these few days, empress has agreed yesterday allowing me to use the old results for the poster content. Okay, at least i can relieve a bit.

Why i have to move again since i just moved out officially from the dorm in March?
It is a long story for the reasons i moved there...
Although i saved a sum of money by paying nothing for the house rental, in return i get to know a irresponsible and flip-flopping person in these few months. However, i gained a god brother who are caring and considerate.
Do i sounds like gaining instead of losing?
Whatever it is, i need find a good place and move in as soon as possible. I do not want a temporary stay, as i have a lot of belongings and moving is not a good exercise or game.

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Dinner with Kris Allen

It has been long time i didn't cook anything ever since i moved to this new place. Cooking instant noodles is not counted okay...
So i invite Kris Allen (not the one who won the American Idol recently) to come over my place for dinner yesterday. He came here all the way from far but get-off from the bus at the wrong stop, so he had to walk farther to reach my house. Haha...
自從搬了新家, 都沒有親自下廚煮過東西吃. 煮泡麵不算啦... 所以昨天晚上我約了羅康力來我家吃我煮的東西. 他千里迢迢過來, 可是卻不小心在錯的站牌下車, 結果害他走了很遠的路才來到我家... 呵!

Just some simple dishes: mushroom curry, vegetables and onion egg.
就一些簡單的菜餚: 香菇咖哩, 青菜和洋蔥煎蛋.

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