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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

29th April 2008



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My room on 22nd April 2008

After printing some nice photos last weekend, it is time to put them on the wall.
While studying, they can remind me of those happy moments i spent together with friends and family.
Be happy always!
在念書的時候, 那些照片可以讓我回想起當初跟家人朋友相聚的開心時刻, 好開心喔!

So decorative, please be focus on what you are doing ok...!
那麼眼花撩亂, 要專心喔!

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Riding scooter in Taiwan 在台灣騎機車

It was fun while riding motorcycle.
People are always on my passenger seat in Malaysia, but now i was always on the passenger seat in Taiwan...
Besides not having a local driving licence, i not familiar with the traffic flow here, opposite from my home country. I am not familiar with scooter too...
Recently, i was riding scooter here carrying my friend on the passenger seat. Last month i was riding in Kenting as the traffic there was not so busy at that time, but yesterday night i was fetching my friend to Costco for shopping together with Frank and Seok Kooi. And just now we went for dinner around Taipei 101 area with bike, of course i am the rider.
Haha.., luckily no road block.

以前在馬來西亞的時候, 乘客總是坐在後面, 可是來到台灣後, 就輪到我坐在後面了...
除了沒有合法的當地駕駛執照, 還對這裡跟祖國的相反的交通流向不很熟悉. 我還不太會騎小綿羊啦...
最近, 我當機車騎士載著我的朋友.
上個月我就在墾丁騎著機車載朋友, 因為當時的交通並沒有很擁擠, 但是昨晚我又載人跟著方堯和琡貴到好市多(Costco)購物. 剛剛我們還到台北101附近吃晚餐, 騎士當然是我啦!
哈哈.., 幸好沒有被抓.


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12th April 2008

Shoes i bought yesterday...
Addidas Ignite 2008, NT1560 = ~RM156

Waterlily and paddy field at Academia Sinica

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Finally i can use back my MSN messenger!

Finally i can use back my MSN messenger!!!

After all those important datelines over, i decided to format my laptop. It was an easy job actually, you just have to backup all your important data. After install back all those necessary softwares, i realised that i have forgotten the password of my Windows Live ID.... >.< making me cannot sign in to MSN.
當所有重要的事情結束後, 我打算把我的筆電重灌. 那其實是件很簡單的事, 僅需備分所有重要的資料即可. 正當我把那些有用到的程序重新安裝後, 竟然發現我把 Windows Live ID 的密碼給忘了...>.< 這樣就不能上MSN 了.

Those password reset link sent by the customer support was not useful, either being used or expired link, so i have to fill in the form to tell the Microsoft Customer Service my problem. Their service was quite professional and efficient, they replied my mail within 24 hours and provided me detailed instrcutions to reset my password. So now i can use my MSN back again! :)
儘管我依照指示重新設置我的密碼, 但是那些寄來的連結都不管用, 就說那些連結已經用過或者過期了.., 那我就只好填表格寄到微軟客服中心告訴他們我的問題. 他們的服務非常專業且有效率, 在24小時內就聯絡上我, 然後還給予清楚的指示如何設置新密碼. 所以現在我可以重新使用MSN 啦! :)

My advice to all of you:
(1) Remember your password.
(2) Remember what you have filled in your account registration, those informations are important for verifications.

(1) 記住你的密碼
(2) 記住你當初申請帳號所填寫的資料, 那些是用來核對你的資料的.

Another useful tip: Do not simply open any links sent by your friends or accepting any weird files, those might be viruses which will hack into your account and cause you lots of troubles. Even though by changing the password after being infected can settle the problem (that's what i did last time), but make sure you remember your new password (that's what i didn't).
另外, 請不要隨便開啟任何你友人所傳給你的連結或檔案, 那些有可能是病毒, 會骇進你的系統然後造成你困擾的東西. 雖然遭感染後換掉密碼可以解決類似的事情(那正是我當初做的), 但是就一定要記得你的新密碼(這就是我沒做到的).

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