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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Driving Licence 駕駛執照

Finally i got my driving licence in Taiwan.
I can ride motorbike (scooter) legally in this island.
終於擁有臺灣的駕駛執照了, 阿源可以在這個島上騎機車環島...

Since Empress was no around today, she went for a annual retreat with all PI in IMB (actually is IMB PI's progress report presentation session).., so i went to the Motor Vehicle Office in the afternoon.
The officer was not friendly but helpful...
weird description... but she was not so polite at first while asking me to get ready for the required documents, but was helpful after knowing that i am not the local.
I took the medical checkup form and went to do the medical checkup at the nearby hospital, PoJen General Hospital.
Within walking distance.
They just check my eye-sight, test for colour-blind, measure my weight and height and hearing ability...
and put a stamp on the form... cost me for NT200 (~RM20).
I bought a similar medical report but they didn't accept that...
After realising i didn't bring enough photo, so i went to the instant photo booth...
So... i went to the counter...
今天乘皇太后出宮考察不在, 所以下午就到監理處辦理駕照.
那位職員不太友善, 可是卻有幫到我... 怎麼說呢... 一開始她並不是很友善, 覺得我什麼都不知道, 還問我有沒有準備所需要的證件跟文件等, 後來得知我是外國人, 就比較客氣.
拿了體檢表後, 就到附近的博仁綜合醫院做體檢. 步行即可, 沒有很遠.
那邊只是幫我測眼力, 測色盲, 量提高體重, 還有做聽力測驗, 然後在表格上蓋幾個章後, 就向我收取NT200.
哎呀, 沒有帶足夠的照片, 就唯有到快速照相亭去照相, 然後就帶著需要的文件去櫃檯...

After checking the documents i submitted, she (another officer) seems like never handle such a case...
She asked her neighbour officer (the previous officer) about that.
Our official name is not Chinese, so they have to follow exactly what is written in the passport.
They have to put my name in English initials as they said the alphabet is too long, cannot include all the alphabets in the column... Not much letters what...
She was having problem to type in English... She used to do everything in Chinese and forgot how to switch the typing mode...
After getting the licence, i found that my DOB was wrong, i am not born in 1917.
So she corrected the DOB and made a new licence for me...
Suddenly she quickly stop me when i was about to leave... She said the due date was wrong... wow, the system gave me due till 2016... How good if she didn't notice it.... ;p
So she corrected it again and made a new one again...
Actually for people like us holding an ARC, the due date is following the due date of ARC, meaning that we have to renew the licence every year as foreign student have to renew their ARC every year.
當她(另外一位)檢查我的文件的時候, 好像從未辦理過類似的個案.., 還問隔壁的同事(之前那位)怎麼弄...
我所有證件上的姓名都是英文的, 所以她們只好跟著護照上的名字填寫.
由於我的英文名字太長, 而格子內的空間也有限, 所以要用縮寫方式輸入. 那十個字母很長嗎?
那位女士好像不會切換英文輸入法, 還研究了很久, 看來她都一直在打中文而已...
拿到駕照後, 發現出生日期打錯了, 顯示我是民國6年(1917年)出生的, 所以就拿回去更改, 然後再發一張新的給我...
接著她突然把我叫住, 她說駕照的有效日期錯了, 系統怎麼把有效日期跳到民國104年(2016年)咧... (那麼好康, 怎麼會被妳發現...) 所以, 她又再弄一張新的給我...
其實像我們這些擁有居留證的外籍人士, 駕照上的有效日期將會依照居留證上的居留期限. 由於外籍學生每年都要去更新居留證, 這也意味著我每年也要去更新駕照.

Actually we can change for a local licence with the Malaysian Driving Licence. The licence for car and motorcycle in Taiwan is separated, so i just make for the motorbike one...
Safe money... wonder i still know how to drive or not...
其實, 我是用馬來西亞的駕照去換取臺灣交通部的駕照的. 由於臺灣的機車跟汽車駕照是分開的, 所以我只有辦理機車的駕照而已...
省錢嘛... 很久沒開車, 也不曉得我還會不會開車...

Why do i have to get a licence since i am not owning a motorbike here.., i can rent for bike while travelling and my friend can be the passenger.
啊, 既然你都沒有機車, 幹嘛要辦假照..?
這樣我才可以租車出去玩, 也可以載人.

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Elephant Hill 象山

The "four-animal" hill in Taipei City, named Elephant, Lion, Leopard, and Tiger...
(I don't know why the names are themed with animals...)
We went to the Elephant Hill near the Yongchun High School.
The hill was well-organised with proper walking tracks and resting points.
It is the normal recreation area for the locals, especially during the morning exercise hour.
臺北市的四獸山, 有“象山”、“狮山”、“豹山”及“虎山”..
登山步道很有規劃, 是台北市民的休閒地點, 尤其是早上晨運的時候.

The scenery along the way was nice. The whole view of Taipei City was very clear and beautiful.
Normally people will gather there at New Year Eve watching the fireworks show just to avoid the crowd at Taipei 101.
沿途的風景很美, 可以遠眺整個台北市, 一覽無遺.
通常會有很多人在元旦前夕聚集在象山觀看台北101放的煙火表演, 不必到現場去擠.

Max took this picture for me, feel so good. ^^
阿宏幫我拍的這張照片很有感覺. ^^

This is Max and Shu.

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Happy Birthday 生日快樂

Happy Birthday to me.
This is my third time having my birthday in Taiwan.

Wish everyone best in health, wealth and wisdom.
Dreams come true.
Including...smooth and good impact in our research findings!

還有... 實驗順利並且成果有價值!

Labmates were having a simple birthday party for me the night before at Bellini. I have to work on my progress report on the actual night.
The place was nice, it was highly recommended by Seok Kooi and Frank long before, hmmm they went there dating before...
Coming along are Seok Kooi, Frank, Tian Hua, Chin Huey aka homegirl and Shenq Huey.
We went there by bus from Academia Sinica, changed to MRT and get down at Taipei Main Station. Just a 5 minutes walk from the exit.
隨行的有琡貴, 方堯, 天驊,靜惠(阿宅)還有聖惠。

I like the decoration and furnishing in Bellini, however there was a bit noisy. 
Food served were nice.
The waiter was polite and nice, he asked us not to order too much as the food portion were not small. 
We were suggested to add the order later after finishing the first order.
The waiters there even sang Italian birthday song for me. I don't understand the lyrics at all... haha...
後來有甜點蛋糕,Bellini的服務生們還為我唱義大利文的生日歌,我當然是聽不懂啦... 哈哈!

This picture is taken with Sock Hua at MRT station on the way back. She came to Taipei with her friends for a short trip. 
We managed to meet up on our way back.

Chuen Yi called me from Malaysia.., we talked about Abigail and her daily life. Really miss my friends in Malaysia.
Mei Fong aka DNA even called far frem Sweden during her honeymoon holiday.
Messages and SMSes received from friends in Taiwan and Malaysia...
and Friedster and Facebook old friends (high school friends, seniors and juniors.., even some long lost contact friends) as well
It was so touched and memorable...

Thank you everyone. ^^
謝謝大家。 ^^

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The yellow feather 黃色羽毛

Whatever you did for good, some people will have no response. Those who give you positive response, are those you need to appreciate.
They will do more good for you for what you have done for them.
Good interaction leads to bright future.
I am waiting for.... the yellow feather... ^^

你對某人做的好事, 有些人可能會無動於衷,可是那些給予你正面回應的人, 是你應該考慮去珍惜的人.
好的互動關係, 就有美好的將來.
我期待著... 黃色羽毛...^^

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Wang Steak 王品

An early birthday celebration with uncle Michael.
Since my birthday is around the corner, so Uncle Michael decided to have a dinner with me at Wang Steak. He said he has a promotion buy 1 free 1 coupon going to due soon. He kept on recommending the restaurant saying the food there is good.., but it is very expensive for me. Normal price for a set meal is NT1200 (~RM120) wow.., no people ant to join us. We went there anyway.
The service is very good. Every table has a designated waiter, wow, so special. Whenever a new dish is served, they will brief you what is the specialties of the dish and teach you how to taste it.
我的生日快到了,大叔說要帶我去王品吃一頓豐盛的晚餐。他說他有買一送一的套餐禮卷,還說很好吃,很值得,可是我說很貴啊... 套餐的價格是每人NT1200(約馬幣RM1200),哇那麼貴,沒有人要跟我們一起去啦...不過我們還是去了。

This is the appetiser, French King Oyster Mushroom.

Bun and croissant, with butter and "goose liver paste".

Seafood Consomme with Pastry i ordered. Ingredient got prawn, crab meat, scallops and others.

Corn soup in Bread Container ordered by Michael, served inside a bun.

Side vegetable dishes. 配菜。

Lobster with Garlic Sauce i ordered. This is my second time having a lobster, half of it. So altogether i had tasted one whole lobster, haha... the other half is here.

This Wang Steak (their recommended dish) is ordered by Michael. I don't eat beef, so no comment. I think it's delicious.

Fruit and some drinks served. 鮮果及飲料。

Dessert, the French Burnt Cream. Take some of the vanilla ice-cream and dip into the hot chocolate inside the bun, awesome! I love that!

They even gave a cake for me for conjunction to my early celebration.
Actually they will ask the customer before hand during booking, so that they will arrange something for you for free.., no matter it is anniversary, birthday or gathering.

Thank you! 謝謝! ^^

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