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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Cooking session at home

Alright, we cooked again this time.
Seok Kooi and i were the chef.
I invited Sunny to come to my house since he never been here since i moved here. Seok Kooi and Frank invited their friends, JC and Apple.
This is what we cooked.
Thank you for the spicy rendang paste provided by friends.

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Taipei with David and E-Lin

Today is the last day of David and E-Lin in Taipei.
We went out late today.., my fault...
We had our late breakfast at Family Mart near my house. We had some chats there before travelling to Taipei Main Station by bus. We put the luggage near the MRT station. Then we went to bought the bus tickets to Taoyuan International Airport.
Oh, we saw HuiChi on the way. So we managed to took pictures with her.

It's still early, so we went to Taipei 101 to take some pictures of the building during day time. It was drizzling on the way back, and we met Rayjun and his friend.
Ok, time to proceed to Longshan Temple, they haven't been to this important tourist spot in Taipei. So we took MRT there. On the way walking to the MRT station, we passed by Bellavita.

At last we reached Longshan Temple.

After praying and getting some blessed, we then moved to the nearby Guangzhou Street night market. I recommeded them my favourite food there. Ha, they liked it!

We went to the nearby Huahsi Night Market. Each of us bought a cup of pearl milk tea there. So we moved to Ximending to do the final shopping.
Finally, they managed to catch the bus to the airport on time.
See you in Malaysia!

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27th November 2009

Wow, i got a 4GB thumb drive as a prize from Microsoft in Windows 7 launching activity.
哇, 我在「心有77焉好友大串連」活動得獎... 是一個4G的隨身碟, 謝謝微軟.

Finally i got them all!!! 終於收集完了!!!

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Shilin Night Market 臺北士林夜市

Yesterday, three old classmates had their reunion in Taipei.
We chosed Shilin Night Market to meet up as David and E-Lin went to Danshui and Yangmingshan during the day and they will pass by Shilin Night Market on their way back by MRT.
I met up with Jimmy for dinner first while waiting for them to come.

After meet up, we went to buy some drinks.

From left: Jimmy, me and David.

Then we jalan-jalan at the pasar malam and we bought some clothes. I spent around NT1200 for 3 shirts and a trouser. There were cheap sales. We then had some food along the way...
Apa lu tengok sana?

After that, Jimmy fetched us to Carrefour to buy some souvenirs and sent us home. We were going at the wrong direction on the way back, so we reached home late. Really a big thank you to Jimmy for the company.

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One-day trip to Yeliu and Jinshan 野柳金山一日遊

Annie came to Taiwan again, of course is for Sunny. Hahahaa... We then decided to go to Yeliu. It was a rainy day. The rain in Taiwan doesn't not pours like Malaysia, it drizzle the whole day making you feeling humid, wet and moody. We took bus from Taipei opposite of the United Press Building.
NT84. Travel time: around one hour. After getting down from the bus, we walk there. The geopark is located next to an elementary school.
Annie又來臺灣玩啦, 當然是找Sunny啦... 今天我們決定要去野柳玩. 又是下雨天. 臺灣的雨, 不會像大馬那樣傾盆而下, 通常幾小時就停了; 可是這裡的都是那些會飄的毛毛雨, 然你感到全身濕濕的, 悶悶的, 心情有時也會變得憂鬱. 我們從聯合報斜對面的地方搭公車前往野柳. NT84, 車程約一小時. 下車後, 我們步行到地質公園, 它就在一間國小旁邊.

Yeliu Geopark is famous for its various shapes of rocks due to sea erosion. Due to the components of the rock layer nearby the seashore is subjected to sea water erosion, various shapes of rocks were formed, such as candlelight stand, the famous queen's head, fairy's shoe, ginger-shapped rocks, mushroom heads and etc. See? Tourists are everywhere holding an umbrella or wearing a raincoat.
野柳地質公園之所以聞名臺灣, 主要是因為園區內有很多天然形成的各種形狀的岩石. 由於地質的關係, 加上海水的侵蝕與風化作用下, 形成了各種形狀的岩石, 如燭臺石, 盛名的女皇頭, 仙女鞋, 薑石和蕈狀岩等等. 看到了嗎? 全部人都撐雨傘或穿雨衣.

Ahhh, everywhere is wet. 啊, 到處都是濕濕的.

Candlelight stands 燭臺石

Fairy's shoe 仙女鞋

Ginger-shapped rocks 薑石

Mushroom heads 蕈狀岩

You can see many people were crowding at a place, they were taking their turns to take the picture with the Queen's head. We didn't manage to wait for our turn because many tourists were not following the queue, so i cropped the pictures.
很多人都聚集在園區內的一點, 就是為了要輪流跟那個女皇頭合照. 我們沒有被輪到, 因為有很多人不守次序, 所以我把拍到的相片框下來.

Suddenly we found that the other side was actually looked like queen's head too, so we took this picture. You can see many people were at the other side. LOL.
突然間, 我們發現在女皇頭的另一邊, 也有女皇頭的形狀, 所以我們換成在這裡拍照. 可以看到在另外一邊有很多人在拍照. 哈哈!

However, the scenery there would be even nicer without this bad weather.
要不是老天不作美, 這裡的風景應該比現在更好.

After that, we took bus to Jinshan for food. NT22. We went to the Jinbaoli Old Street. What is there along the old street? Food! All the old streets in Taiwan sell food, souvenirs, and local products, tourists go there to see those old building architectures.
過後, 我們便搭車到金山覓食. NT22. 我們去了金包里老街. 老街有什麼? 吃的! 全臺灣的老街都不是賣吃的, 就是一些紀念品和一些土產. 遊客也可以去看看那些老建築物.

We then stopped at this shop for late lunch. The food were nice, but we couldn't finished all. All for NT490.
我們到這間店吃飯. 東西很好吃, 可是太多我們吃不完. 全部NT490.

After that, we took bus from there back to Taipei. NT120. I slept all the way throughout the journey.
吃完飯我們就搭車回臺北了. NT120. 回程我從金山一路睡到臺北...

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Lunch gathering 午餐聚餐

My dear friends, please come to my house for lunch, thank you for loving me..!
為了感謝朋友平日對阿源的愛戴, 今天中午我請客!

This is what i cooked.
A special thank to Jacky for his help, and not to forget Ken too.
這些是我煮的. 感謝小動的幫忙, 當然也少不了文璋.

Jacky and Ken 小動和文璋

Talk talk talk, very happy ha...

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Hey, Ping Aun...

Ini kawan lama dari Malaysia. Dulu kitorang sama-sama menuntut kat UPM, dia merupakan kawan Gigi Leong, Viagra Kong dan Tapi, dari Fakulti Kejuruteraan. Sekarang aku ade kat Taipei, dia pulak bekerja kat KL. Ha, hari ini dia baru tiba kat Taipei dengan kawan2nye. Gambar nie diambik di MRT yang berdekatan dengan hotelnya...

Tu bag hijau ialah hadiah untuk Gigi Leong dan PP buat perkahwinan mereka. Dalam ada apa? Koleksi setem dan CD Lee Chau Har... Hahahaa...

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An ordinary Saturday morning

Since i moved to the new place few months ago, i never been to this morning night market. We bought two cups of latte from Family Mart.
自從搬到新的地方後, 都沒有來過這個菜市場買東西了. 我們在全家買了兩杯拿鐵.

Goods sold here is much cheaper than the other market nearby.
Why coming to this morning market? You will know tomorrow.
來菜市場幹嘛? 你明天就知道啦...

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Life and dream 一生何求

What are we seeking in life?
To be great in something so that we will be remembered
It could be something well-known or notorious

It doesn't matter
If you do not know the answer by now
Then might as well stop looking for it
Give your best in whatever you do
Do your duty responsibly
No regret or disappointment
That would be good enough

Been existed for 30 years in this planet
My friend told me that i will become independent
And everything would be fine
Don't worry, be happy

I like this song. Although Danny Chan had passed away for more than 10 years, this classical song is still very popular. This is what every singer wants, don't you agree?

也許是追求名聞利養 也許是要安逸地過一生
也許要幹一番大事業, 讓人人都記得你
可能是會讓世人讚頌的, 也可能是遺臭萬年的

想不到的 就不要再煩惱啦


當一個歌手, 雖然已過世十多年, 還有經典歌曲讓人唱頌

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I am 30 today 我30歲了

Happy birthday to me.

No special celebration
Just having dinner with some friends
Seok Kooi, Frank, Tian Hua, Chin Huey and Shenq Huey
琡貴 方堯 天驊 靜惠 聖惠

This restaurant is recommended

After that, we went to SK's room for cake ceremony
Back to lab afterwards to prepare for the next day weekly lab meeting

Thank you everyone for your wishes
Wall posts of Facebook, SMS, phone calls, Plurks, MSN
Birthday card
Facebook, 簡訊, 打電話, 噗浪, MSN

I am surprised and thrilled to receive more than 120 wall posts wishing me happy birthday from all my friends. Thank you so much.
最令我受寵若驚的, 莫過於臉書塗鴉牆上超過120則的生日祝福, 真是感激涕零.

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Fireworks at Dadaocheng, Taipei

This is the annual firework festival of Taipei, yesterday night at Dadaocheng Wharf, Taipei. I went there last year for the first time, it was very crowded. And decided not to go this year.

However, i went again this meet Seck John.
I went to meet Aaron around dinner time at Ximending, then we went there to meet his friends at MRT Shuanglian Station. OMG, there were many people queuing for the shuttle bus, so we decided to walk there.
Can you see many people are walking??

I couldn't find brother John... Jamming in the crowd of people, can't even move easily. After looking for some time, i decided to give up, apparently we were refering to the wrong landmark, a wrong tree... The fireworks show started. Approximately 21000 shoots for 30 minutes. This is the longest fireworks show i have ever watch. Very nice, with love shape, flowers, and the amazing smiley face!
Of course i didn't count by myself how many fireworks were shot, it's the information from the official ma...

On the way walking out, i met Seck John. Ya, the third tree from the stage...
We were jamming in the crowd of people again for one hour, in the distance of less than 300 metre!!

No more next year? We shall see... Hahaha...
Actually, it would be romantic if you go with your love one. Hehe...
After that, i went to meet my friends. Then we had a long night walk, chatting, and supper.

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