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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

30th March 2007

I wish to finish the cloning life for lab rotation...and proceed to tissue culture to test the constructs.. it was interesting doing such experiment... and i don't have to kill any mice for experimental purposes...
Doing cloning is fast here, we can send for sequencing and get the results in the same day or the next day. and mutants can be created with commercial kits...

Miranda sent me curry powder she bought from India, thanks a lot...

Today i found a journal on Faye Wong:
Anthony Fung and Michael Curtin (2002) The anomalies of being Faye (Wong): Gender politics in Chinese popular music. International Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. 5, No. 3, 263-290
Go download and read la...

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25th March 2007

Saturday night went to Beitou Hotspring with Sunny... So relaxing and my skin became smooth... But then when we want to go back, it rained... :( so we bought a sandwich at 7-11 and waited for a while.
We then went to Shilin Night Market to have our dinner.., we had Ay Jhong Mee Suah and "Oily Rice"... It was raining, so not much people there.., but i saw Lily with her friend, a Malaysian RA in Prafulla's lab (i get to know when met them again in the bus.., what a coincident...)
oh... Happy Birdday to Khai Ming.., all the best in your study!

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21st March 2007

Oh, hope it's not to late, i would like to wish:
Happy Birthday to Kean Leong and Koon Fah.
Kean Leong is my friend since kindergarten, andwe were classmate during primary, secondary and form six. But we were not in the same university. She get married two years ago and he is trying to get a baby now...
Koon Fah is my buddy during secondary school. He is the one gave me the nick "teopag"... :s until everyone called this name instead of my nick during primary school... Haha... We spend most of our sweet scouting time together, and finally get out King Scout... Many sweet memories we had together last time... He is now working in UK.

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Don't think too much!

When you friend said "i want to kill you for whatever you've done..."
Do they really mean that? ( i mean people with no mental problem)
Of course not, this is solely a way for them to express their anger, he or she will forget everything about it the next moment... This matter really happened to me... and the person (i don't want to mentioned his name here making him so famous in the internet world) really took it very seriously... OMG, he thought that i really want to "kill" him, he had "life-threatening" feeling... I had talked to him, and of course we argued a lot. He still doesn't know what he had done.., and he still think that i am having problem with him long ago because i didn't had long conversation with him... What i can say is: do not think too much..!!!
People didn't talk much doesn't mean that they don't like you. Everyone have their own feeling and mood at anytime, don't think too much... The actual world is not the world you thought during kindergarten time, relationship is not that "simple" and "naive", please grow up and be matured, you are 28 now and not 15. You thought you can get along well with everybody, and everybody loves you.., "are you sure?"
You didn't get to realised that you like to "argue" with people for something which he or she doesn't know the answer... If they don't know, they will say "don't know" and stop talking on the same topic, and this doesn't mean that they don't want to talk to you or having problem with you, they just don't want to argue about that same issue again and agian with no conclusion worrying that would affect your friendship. Don't think too much!
For those people didn't get to realised what they have done could affect other people and yet thier own problem couldn't be solved either, we cannot do anything. Our thinking and mind just doesn't sync... And again, it doesn't mean that i have problem with you.., don't think too much!
For the "killing" thingy, actually i send an sms to his friend saying i feel that i want to kill his good friend for whatever he had done... You should clarify with me first BEFORE going to tell the kid even though you are his best buddy. If you talked to me first, i don't think that kid will be thinking that he deserved to be killed. He was too emotional and think too much.
That's all. No offend here, and the person is NOT you! Don't think too much.

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8th March 2007

Today finally i got exposed to new laboratory techniques... tissue culture work... It would not be just doing molecular biology all the while, at least i got something new to play on... Even though i have done it during undergraduate time, but it was very long ago... Haha... Tomorrow will do transfection and electroporation... :)
Happy Women's Day!
Happy birdday to Frank, Cheah Wei and Kah Chen... Don't be sam pat... Hahaha...
Night time got earthquake.., but i didn't feel it... :( i was in first floor, i should be feeling it if i were in my room...

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Spring gathering of IMB

Today is the spring gathering of IMB. We were having fun.
I missed those NG clips from PI, some are very funny... Everyone is good in science but not in front of camcorder... :p
Some PIs are performing dance on the stage entertaining the audience... Wow, so sporty them...
I saw someone from 418 hiding to avoid being called to stage to dance... Hehe...
There were lucky draws, but i didn't get any cash prizes, pity those who number being called but wasn't there, so big money was given to the next winner...

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Happy Chap Goh Meh

Its was a working day yesterday even its Saturday... replacement for last Friday... I didn't know that and only went to lab after lunch.., no wonder so many people in the lab and institute, i thought everyone became hardworking after the long CNY holiday... :)
Yesterday i went to Daan Forest Park with Sunny after work... There were trees all around with children having fun with their parents... we then walked to Yongkang Street for dinner... There were many people waiting to be seated at the "Ding Tai Feng" restaurant, it was one of the top 10 restauramts in the world.., and of course the dishes are expensive and delicious, however, we didn't eat there. We went around the Yongkang Street and there were many stalls around... i have been there with Chee Wai last year, but we went there in the late morning, so not much shops were opened at that time.., now i can tell many different kinds of Taiwanese foods are available there...
After that, we walked to CKS Memorial Hall... Sunny wanna took out his camera to take photos, but then he realised that there was no battery inside... :s Wow, again there was very crowded... Night stalls were set up surrounding the area in conjunction with CNY and Lantern Festival (Chap Goh Meh)... We saw many boar-themed hand-made lanterns arond there, people were crazy taking photographs... It was like the hand-made lantern competition during Mooncake Festival in Malaysia. The stalls were selling chinese delicacies, games, handicrafts, toys and etc. Tourism board of Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philipines and Macau were setting up there booths and performing some traditional dance. This was the first time i watch Malay Traditional Dance in Taipei. The showcase of Visit Malaysia Year 2007 was displaying lanterns of orangutans and some pigs... Yes, there were five pigs lantern, aren't we are not allowed to display any pig-related icons in Malaysia?? Haha... Of course the backdrop is the famous Twin Towers, Sepang F1 track, Putrajaya and some scenery pictures... We went into the CKS exhibition hall showcasing his gallery, belongings, history and etc. There was a parade for the army guarding the CKS statue at the main hall.., people gathered there to take photos as the guards were marching into the hall. Three armies marched into the hall like changing the shift, later another 2 army who were guarding there marched out of the hall together with them... Haha.., the hall was about to close and the armies looked serious without blinking their eyes. There were stage shows at the plaza in front of CKS Memorial Hall in front of the National Musical Hall and National Theatre Hall... a big pig lantern together with MRT, Taipei 101 were displayed at the centre of the plaza.., light shows were shown every 30 minutes... Actually it was not nice... Some hand-made around the plaza are nicer.. :p
We then walked to Ximenting to have some food... We walked for so long yesterday night...
Today is Chap Goh Meh, i think people here will not throwing mandarin oranges into the river for love matching... Hahaha...
I went to have buffet steamboat again with Teik Hui and Cheong Wei... So full...
Bought some Tang Yuan and will cook at night after coming back from lab... Enjoy...

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Class started

Today class started.
Sunny arrived Taipei on Tuesday night.
Yesterday we went to look for new room for him... Finally found a good one near Yongchun MRT station. It's only takes 15 minutes walk toTaipei 101, and there are many shops around includes a morning and night markets 500 metres away, so convenient...

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