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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Meeting new friends

This morning, i woke up early in the morning to meet two new friends from Japan. We contacted each other through emails and SMS. Since the destination is reachable by bus and a five-minute walking distance, so i took a bus there. It took me more than 35 minutes to reach there, and upon my arrival to the tea house, they were there waiting for me already.

Since i do not know any Japanese, we communicated with simple English. We conversed slowly and wrote the words or characters on a paper just to ensure we got each other right. It was such a special experience for me. I believe with this kind of pure friendship and sincere communication, the bond between us would be last longer.

We chatted for more than two hours. The topics were mainly surrounding our daily life and preferences. Before we left, we requested a Japanese lady of next table to take some pictures for us.

All the best to you and stay in touch my friends.

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Mid Autumn Barbecue

The Mid Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival is one of the important day for Chinese. What people do on this day varies among the regions. Besides eating mooncakes (usually serve together with Chinese tea and pomelo) and enjoying the family reunion under the moon light, it comes with some traditional activities such as lighting the lanterns and playing with candles. You can easily find many houses in Malaysia are lighting up with many candlelight around this day. Some organisations might even organise some lantern-making competitions to promote this festive season. In Taiwan, outdoor barbecue is the typical way to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival. You can easily find groups of people gathering at the corridor, road sides, public open space and etc for barbecue.
Since we today is the public holiday, I went for barbecue with my friends. I woke up early in the morning and departed to Keelung by train. After arrived at Keelung Railway Station, we traveled to the destination by taxi. This is the place called 基隆外木山大武崙沙灘.

The scenery there was very beautiful. Even though it was hot and sunny out there, everyone was happy and very active. We spent the whole day there by sea-bathing, barbecuing and playing some games. After cleaning-up, we took the free shuttle bus back to Keelung City for dinner. Some of us were not interested with the crowded and costly night market and we called it a day by traveling back to Taipei by train after dinner.
I got tanned after spending whole day under the sun...

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Happy Malaysia Day 2010

Today is Malaysia Day. It is the very first time in for this day to be declared as a public holiday in Peninsula Malaysia for the past 46 years. However, i am in Taiwan, so no holiday for me...
My wish for Malaysia: looking for a change in Malaysia!

The typhoon Fanapi is approaching, hopefully it would not ruin the weekend. Hence my wish is please come on Monday.

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感恩的心 Heart of Appreciation

作詞:陳樂融 作曲:陳志遠

我來自偶然 像一顆塵土
我來自何方 我情歸何處

天地雖寬 這條路卻難走
我還有多少愛 我還有多少淚
要蒼天知道 我不認輸

感恩的心 感謝有你
伴我一生 讓我有勇氣作我自己
感恩的心 感謝命運
花開花落 我一樣會珍惜

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