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Hi everyone, this would be the place where I can get connected with my family and friends when I am abroad. Wish we can stay in touch always, and I will keep updating you my current life here... =) You are welcome to leave any message and comment here... Take care and have a nice day!

Expressing ourselves

Do you think we have to always express your thought or what is in your mind?
Sometimes people, or more specifically our superiors, just expect us would tell them something they expected, they will assume that we are either not paying any attention, not as good as we should be or do not perform up to the expectation if we failed to do so. Actually i do not mind to tell the expected answer if it does no harm to me or other people, but....

Last months, i came across two books emphasising that one should be humble and stay low profile while getting along with people. The main purpose of doing so as stated by the authors is to maintain the harmonious atmosphere among people which generally means reducing the chances of generating any enemies or rivals. And most importantly, it allows us to equip ourselves well especially when we are not ready or do not have enough background knowledge while making any statement. I agree to the points given by the author in the sense that we need to be keen in learning and maintain good relationship with people around us.

Sometimes, things might not work as we want it to be, we have to express ourselves moderately whenever it is necessary. Back to the first point, most of the time we have no idea how to explain something which is beyond our knowledge. It just happened like it should be. Do we really have to try to explain it by providing any relevant evidences for that? They are merely speculations and sometimes it is not necessary to prove them at all. Hence, it is really a challenge for coming out with an reasonable answer for fulfilling the curiosity of our superiors. Usually, silence is the best solution provided a message of improvement is conveyed. If we are being accused by the superiors from doing what we should not be doing, we need not have to argue aggressively if it is just a small matter, time will eventually reveal the truth for us. However, sometimes cumulative accusation is lethal before the truth is revealed, hahaha... There is always no specific answer for this.

In my opinion, it is not necessary to explain everything to others. If not, we will be busy pleasing and meeting others' expectations. However and most importantly, we have to explain to ourselves why we are doing so. If we know what we are doing, we will not be in the wrong path.

All the best!

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你近來又 再有空 我在防備 別發功
能勉強戒紹心痛 但喉嚨還在痛
你在懷舊 我也懂 還稱贊我夠上進

我道行都低估了你 我以為 撐得起
一句為甚麼不找找你 我練到 再倔強
再絕也 也永沒法比

求你別要 如從前 純熟地碰我
而我問我 為何還 能夠碰傷我
不要讓我 一敗塗地 輸得更多 哦
求你別說 錯過我 其實亦愛我
何以技癢 放過我 你已彷彿有神助
一關心我已經 等於再殺死我

你未提及 我也知 既是前度 沒法子
如這聖伯納得意 分予你當玩意
數十年後 我也知 如果見你我愿意
像一關過完 再單打一次

求你別說 仍能如 良朋地對我
而我問我 為何還 能對得起我
不要讓我 一敗塗地 輸得更多 哦
求你別說 錯過我 其實亦愛我
何以技癢 放過我 你已彷彿有神助
一講起你已經 等於再殺死我

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Thought 想法

If we have the purchasing ability, we need not to make the purchase just because of those tiny discounts which would make you regret afterwards. We should pay for its price, and of course it is very subjective.
有錢不怕買不到東西, 如果不是你要的, 不需要為了一些小便宜買了而後悔, 消費要物有所值, 當然這也是因人而異的.

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Neihu 內湖

We canceled the hiking trip on Saturday morning due to the bad weather forecast, however the weather turnout to be very good in the morning. Arghhh...
Someone insisted to go for mountain hiking, so we decided to go to Neihu 內湖...Bishanyan Hiking Trail 碧山岩步道.
(Sometimes we just can't predict everything, so what we can do is to modify the initial plans and carry out accordingly.)

Birdeye view of Taipei City from the temple, magnificient and refreshing.

My sweat and tiredness paid-off when i see this. Woo...

We stayed for a while and headed to another local attractions, the Baishihu Suspension Bridge 白石湖吊橋. The design was quite unique.

Other nearby attractions:
Couple tree 夫妻樹

The trees grow symetrical and complement to each other representing the harmonious and respect of two couples. It is quite amazing.
(I like this!)

Double-heart Pond 雙心湖

This is the artificial one.

The local-made strawberry ice-cream is not bad, cost for NT30. There are many strawberry farms around the area.

Night view is not bad, relatively clear visibility.

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Thought 想法

If you do not know what you want, you should at least know what you don't want, then you will not end up in nowhere...
如果你還不知道你要的是什麼, 至少要知道你不要的是什麼, 這樣就不會迷失方向...

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